1997-2004 Ford F-150 & 1997-2002 Ford Expedition Lower Ball Joint Replacement Procedure

1997-2004 Ford F-150 & 1997-2002 Ford Expedition Lower Ball Joint Replacement Procedure

MOOG Ball Joints I installed and recommend-
Alltrade Ball Joint Press Tool-
Milwaukee 3/8″ Impact I use for everything and Highly Recommend-
1/2″ Milwaukee Impact used with C frame to press in ball joint-
OTC Caliper Hanger-
My favorite Rust Penetrant-
Wilton 3lb Sledge I use-
In this video I walk you through how to replace the lower ball joint on this generation of vehicles. Torque specs may vary year to year but the specs listed in the video are a good general guide. If you are unsure how to check if your ball joints are bad I have a detailed video on how to check them here-
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Dr_ 5150 says:

Got to make sure them nuts are clean

Patrick Byrne says:

Great video thank you so much and keep up the good work!

Ted Thornton says:

Nice and thorough instructional video as always. Thanks Happy Fording!

Richard Tarbert says:

I am tired of paying $1,500 for any and every repair on my 2001 F150 4wd Supercrew. Glad I found this channel. I love my truck, and was about to trade it. I get it, mechs do great work, hard work, wotrk others don't want to do, but at $200 an hour, that is a little much. I had Ford look over a vehicle I was about to buy. Had the check the entire vehicle over. When the checked the bearings, etc, the guy said they just fell apart and fell out of the vehicle. I am not a mech, don't know squat about cars. But after watching this video and the video on bearing and hub replacement, I for the life of me cannot see how they charged me $2,600. They said by law they cannot put it back together, and just give it back to me. While I appreciate the safety concerns, to not release my vehicle back to me, is/was BS. I am drive Ford trucks and no other. But they started losing me. I still have my F150, and it needs work at 244k on a Triton 5.4L, but it is such a great truck it it worth repairs. I just cannot bring myself to take in for another $1,500+ repair from them. So, learning is the way. Thank you so much for these videos. Now to get the balls to try it myself.

charger121212 says:

21:00 you forget to put the lock clamp back on the ball joint.

Raul Luna says:

After replacing both uper and lower ball joints, even on one side, do I need and aligment?
Great video by the way.

Margaret Todd says:

Hi. Have you ever seen the need to change the lower control arms or will the ball joint suffice? I want to change out my lower control arms but I'm afraid of the torsion bars being stuck. I'm wondering if I even need to or just do the ball joint. Thanks

david liniewkski says:


TommyBoy A says:

Sorry about the miss spelled word, lol. meant to say shocks.

TommyBoy A says:

Hello bro. I wanted to ask you a question about the air suspension. Is it possible to add air shocks to my expedition 4X4 5.4 2v. I noticed that I have regular shocks. But I would prefer air shocks rather than regular shocks. Would it be difficult to swap to air chocks?

Lorin Crawford says:

It’s good to see that you get back to your roots with no fancy equipment! On your knees with a floor jack and stands!! Great video!

aaron rothe says:

I just replaced my upper ball joint, can a bad lower ball joint feel like a out of balance tire

John Doe says:

99.7 the ride, the John boy and Billy show. The big show on the radio. Does that ring a bell?

John Doe says:

I always replace the solder pin.

Stephen-Ray Gordy says:

21:51 "make sure your nuts are clean" CHECK!

Mark Advent says:

Is this 4wd only?

Eric S. says:

Great video, thanks!

bud herz says:

You have the best, straightforward videos I've found. Great job. Much appreciated.

Robert medina says:

What is name of the big clamp used to compress the caliper?

Atl Bike says:

Great video!! Now how do I replace the rear lower ball joints on my 07

Cameron Martin says:

Well I hope not messing with the torsion bars is good. I'd be a little suspicious to mess with that lower ball joint with that torsion bar at full load.

on the road says:

Great video I'm doing this same job this Saturday

Massage Therapy says:

Nice job but I didn't see you put any grease in the grease fitting that you installed after you put the new ball joint in

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