If you need to have your Ferrari’s sticky buttons refinished by Sticky RX Refinishing Solutions, visit

Literally every Ferrari I have owned has had the sticky buttons problem. I have tried many different solutions to fix the stickiness. Rubbing alcohol was what worked best to remove the stickiness, but it does so at the cost of removing the nice soft touch coating, and sometimes it removes the white print on the buttons as well. So I reached out to Sticky RX which has the reputation for being the best in fixing sticky buttons, and they definitely came through! The buttons look flawless! Even better than OEM Ferrari parts! And best of all, they will NEVER get sticky again.

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Rich Lee says:

I have a 458, and the buttons are thankfully not sticky. Is there a carbon fiber alternative, like an aftermarket carbon fiber button package or something that you know of? I looked online but nada.

JayEmm on Cars says:

Great company and good service

BlazerMountain says:

200k for a car that has gummy bears for switches and H&M t-shirts for a dashboard.

James Schneider says:

Such a great solution!!!!!

Carlo Y says:

This is something Ferrari should really step up to with cars under a certain age ……. These are freakin' expensive cars and the switchgear should be better. Maybe they should contract with Sticky RX to help owners out with these messy buttons etc.

F100 FE390 says:

Man those Ferrari parts are cheap AF.
What a joke!

MetalGuru965 says:

Yes, ship your buttons AND a kidney to Sticky RX and they will fix them, because the Ferrari tax is always levied in every jurisdiction. This an example of the worldwide reach of the Illuminati.

obelisk9999 says:

Seriously I actually thought you had a proper diy solution.. let's get real here most Ferrari owners won't take the parts off their car and ship them to a company they never heard of.

Jamaicula says:

Keep the StickyRX part instead of the new part. Swap over the knob and just make it a completely restored set sold with the car.

It looks superior to the new part as well.

hardip singh says:

If I am not capable of disassembling my own interior pieces can I just bring them my car and have them refurb it and reinstall it?

Shawn Hicks says:

I’m going to agree with others and say I’d take the new good switch out of the new part and install it in the refinished switch, for longevity.

Sticky RX does an amazing job refinishing these switches on cars that have that soft feel coating that turns to goo. And it’s not just Ferrari’s either, pretty sure lots of other high end manufacturers use that coating too if I recall like Mercedes and Maserati. They look good and you have the added bonus of knowing the coating will last.

Michael Eisenberg says:

I’ve used my wife’s Neutrogena makeup remover wipes and it takes the sticky off the buttons without damaging them. Maybe something cheap to try first before sending them in to get refurbished.

94speedster says:

I sent my Sticky parts to Sticky Rx, Dave and his team are GREAT!!! I'm very picky and a very satisfied customer. Price can be high, but worth it!! Brad

Fred Daniali says:

I was working on my car last night and I noticed that the bottom of my steering column is starting to get sticky! grrrr! It's a freakin 2015! I should take it apart and send it in…

Rich Vibes says:

Omg brother the 458 I got 2 weeks ago is already doing this I live in Florida n thank u for helping me buy the car I love it and I think I was ably to get a great one for a great deal all bc your videos keep it up please

David Morales says:

Sticky RX is the best in the business !! Dave Lelonek is a class A guy !!

Taelor Watson says:

Back in the day I used to use cocaine to get rid of the stickiness. But that ended up adding a new problem. Until I learned what cocaine was really used for.

Eric Welch says:

Last, finally! Yesssssss! Lol

John Baca says:

You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this video!!!

345six says:

crazy how Ferrari uses cheap plastics, this would never happen on a Toyota

Mark Chippendale says:

I know it's a widespread American YouTuber "thing" but… the word is not "council", it's a con-sole!

KL Sørensen says:

Hi, didnt see any prices?

Methmal dhananjaya says:

Would be better if this Titled as 599 GTX Build part 24, cause people in this channel may think this is a Regular DIY video.

Inacio F. Marques says:

They look cool

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