My Review of Engine Oil Stop Leak "Reseal" on my Ferrari 360

My Review of Engine Oil Stop Leak "Reseal" on my Ferrari 360

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My Salvage Ferrari 360 Rebuild Project was delivered with a Leaky Rear Main Oil Seal. To pull the transmission and do a clutch and all the replacement items would cost around $5,000 parts and labor, so instead I used some cheap stop leak that I bought at the auto parts store. Here’s how well this miracle fix actually works!

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Julian preciado says:

Such a hack. First the rover now this. Who the hell uses fix a leak on a Ferrari???????????????

TheMexicaNigga says:

AT 205 Reseal is the best… had a 01 Mitsubishi with leaky rear main, leaky valve covers, leaky cam seal no joke. put a third of the bottle every oil change the no more oil leaks

Adams Angels says:

I’ve got 6 quarts of bars stop leaks in my Porsche Boxsters cooling system….

Robert Maybeth says:

I admire your ambition and full-out GUMPTION for owning the "legendary" Ferrari on a working man's budget presumably… but "ferrari" and "stop leak" have too great a disconnect to be in the same scenario without out-and-out disaster

Rupam Medhi says:

Pizza box having garnishing of engine oil..

Captain Fordo says:

Well, is it fixed or u got fucked?

8avexp says:

Oil is cheap, relatively speaking. For the amount of money you'd spend to fix the leak, you can but a LOT of oil. Now, if the oil is gushing out, as was the case with my Jeep's rear main seal, that's a different story.

allnovieveryday says:

Glad you learned this was a waste of time, now fix it the correct way like all your other friends told you to haha.

B Muns says:

Clear liquid, gray bottle. Was that AT-205? Scotty Kilmer swears by this stuff.

Mike Dwyer says:

Turned it off after 7 minutes of non-stop blah blah blah; didn't even take a breath.

Taken the Red Pill says:

Recommend by mechanic Yoda @Scottykilmer ATP 205 reseal…works
Certain models it can clog oil pump by softening paint.
certain makes like Dodge will soften paint on oil pan and valve covers test by dumping some on exterior engine see if it softens or peels.. otherwise
Definitely works I've used it on many models toyota Honda engine, transmission and power steering. I use only a quarter bottle to half takes a little longer. I even spray bushings, mounts, belts. Keeps soft. Split or cracked seals leaks worse…

stew yoder says:

My high school car used 1 qt of oil to 2 tanks of gas.

Carina Powered says:

For slowing rear main seal drip, you can try using conventional oil rather than synthetic, you just have to change it more often, secondly you can try using heavier grade oil (thicker oil) if for example from 5-30 to 10-40. I would not use any stop leak. You have great videos.
The green orings are for ac systems, they resist R12 R134a.

Casey Johnson says:

Easy job ! just do it yourself, can do without a lift in a day if you hustle

Michael Lorenson says:

Lord have mercy! $3,000 just for the clutch parts, which last maybe 40k miles. Wear will accelerate as it gets thinner. Is this 'quality'? Seems like a good thing 99% of Ferrari owners don't drive them. BTW, the leaking rear main seal has an output shaft, spinning at engine RPM, in the sealing surface. There is just no way 'stop-leak' can stop that leak, because it gets wiped away. If you had called me, I would have said not to put goop in your engine. Just live with it until the clutch (or trans) fails. Won't be that long.

But I did watch the video, so I guess you win. Italian engines are known for very small internal oil passages, though. Best of luck to ya…

gnicevids says:

I have use atp 205 for a while like 2 years and you will be surprised how well works. Also blue devil oil stop leak or rear main seal stop leak. The blue devil is more potent. But that atp 205 works good. It either slows the leak down or stop it. If it remains the same then the seal is completely broken and no stop leak can help that.

mike brink says:

Most likely he can just keep driving with the slow RMS leak until the clutch goes bad, then replace clutch & RMS…If the RMS blows out all at once while driving and loses/leaks all the oil, you can quickly pull over and avoid any engine damage…A person who doesn't work on cars would probably not realize until too late that something is wrong and destroy the engine..

Victor Sebens says:

The real question is- who buys 10kg of cucumbers?

David Ciabattoni says:

I think that Samcrac is banging Zack!

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