My Ferrari 328 Service Has Turned Into a TOTAL RESTORATION!

My Ferrari 328 Service Has Turned Into a TOTAL RESTORATION!

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When I bought my 1986 Ferrari 328 GTS, I knew it was a little rough around the edges. But the extent to which the car had suffered both neglect and incompetent maintenance practices was a surprise. From sketchy engineering, to parts well past their normal lifespans, to a cascade of problems caused by laziness on behalf of previous owners and mechanics, not to mention pure age, Ferrari Master Technician Donnie Callaway discovers it all and shares the bad news. But it’s not all bad news! Everything is fixable, and Donnie and I are committed to doing it right to bring the Ferrari a new lease on life, without making it a garage queen! And he has just over a month to do it in time for me to drive it to The Quail!

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My Ferrari 328 Service Has Turned Into a TOTAL RESTORATION!



jayfxdx says:

I bust out laughing at the Adam Sandler reference! This is great content, very educational and great insight into the maintaining of a classic Italian car along with entertaining. I think Matt and Zack are providing some of the most well rounded automotive content on YouTube today.

solid snake says:

great money pitt

Per Eldh says:

Beautiful work!
But actually:
1. the rear disc’s doesn’t look too bad, I’ve seen MUCH worse. You get lips almost right away.
2. The shocks are gas shocks.. (oil change?)

Bleezy D. says:

i love you for the medium pace reference. thank you

Terry Hesticles says:

I use cheap shower curtains from Walmart etc. to make inner door panel vapor barrier with. Just cut to fit, and use some butyl rope to stick it up!

D Lee says:

Buy once, cry once. Nonstop. Forever.

Wes Lawson says:

I want a car alarm that is a recording of Donnie saying “So, um, your alarm system has been triggered.”

Junior Polanco says:

I wanna buy an old busted Ferrari just so I can't take it to Donnie and listen to him talk all about it.

TDCFPC says:

Great insight into the resto of your Ferrari. Nice to see a hard working perfectionist like Donny tending to such a fine automobile. Now drop the BS sellout YouTube face on the thumbnails and stay true your form.

Lumber Jack says:

Donny is right that certain things need to be replaced on these cars just due to age, however prior ownership is a big factor in determining how much of that you will need to deal with. I have seen some 328s where all the rubber bits were seriously deteriorated and others that were in fine shape. Same age, so it would have to come down to usage, maintenance, storage, and environment. The only things I had to replace on my 328 so far were some of the low pressure fuel hoses and the fuel tank connector sleeves, which showed signs of ethanol damage. But the suspension bushings are all fine. Most other wear/age related stuff was handled as part of routine maintenance over the years.

John Spanos says:

This guy is thorough!!!! But being southern California, why new rubber bushings? And not polyethylene? Don't they have a more durable upgrade?

2fast2nick says:

This thing is going to drive like a brand new car when he is done! I'm excited

2fast2nick says:

I hope the previous owner sees this video

Shawn Norton says:

Quite the cautionary tale I tell you what, thankfully all I own is a C5 Corvette. Owning a Ferrari like a hot high maintenance woman, beautiful yet expensive and possibly a bit fussy.

Schwarzer Mond says:

Laughs in Scotty Kilmer lol. Jokes aside, I do enjoy the old school Ferraris. I’m you’ll get it sorted out and enjoy it dearly

Terrance Collins says:

Matt Metcalfe lol great video Matt

dmorin74 says:

Damn!! what an amazing garage this guy has! I'd kill to have this guys skill and know how!

Nathan Duby says:

Lol every car that comes into the classic car shop I work at. This is the same story every time. It could just be tires. Bombshell into a restoration. Just classic car things

joe r gonzales says:

A Ferrari when bought new is like a high maintenance woman to maintain her beauty—>salon, mani-pedi cure, waxing, etc etc.

After 30 or 40yrs, the high maintenance woman still needs ALOT of maintenance to up-keep her beauty.

A Ferrari is not a Toyota or Lexus.

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