How to Fix a Ferrari 360 F1 Transmission Gearbox Actuator 430 CS Enzo Maserati

How to Fix a Ferrari 360 F1 Transmission Gearbox Actuator 430 CS Enzo Maserati

Full Rebuild and Refit

Ferrari 360 F1 Gearbox Transmission Actuator Rebuild and Fitting.
In the final video of the Actuator for the 360 and 430 series, I rebuild the stripped down Actuator, repair the damaged part, rebuild and refit to the car.
I then show you how to run through all the alignment entering bleeding and self learn sequence via the computer to get the system fully operational again.

Part 4 of the full diagnostics to fix videos


Special Diagnostic Computer:
F1 Fluid

1.Replacement Upgraded Titanium Pin £25
2.F1 Transmission Fluid ‘Petronas Tutela CS Speed75W’ £17.99
3. Hill Engineering Actuator Alignment Tool £191.40
4. Gasket material 5 Sheets Various thickness £3.70
5. Computer to Bleed System – Borrowed

Picture of my 360 Challenge Stradale as thumbnail image credit to @jamesmannphotography

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die agnostic G says:

Can the bleeding be done without the sd system? Thanks

bratenn says:

Great video ! What software were you using and where can I get it?

R. E. Hill says:

To much camera movement, unpleasant to watch…

michel concetti says:

great video. very good instruction. can you tell me how is the software to check actuator ? on mobile ? thanks

die agnostic G says:

Another kool vid…what was the issue with the car in the 1st place?

UrbanRacer says:

Is there a website i can get the workshop manual online? Thanks

Pete Riley says:

Great job. I’ll bring mine round if it goes! 😉

Andy Garton says:

Awesome. I wonder how much a dealer would have charged you for this repair? 10k?

Carlos Silva says:

Finally someone worth watching that video was fantastic !!! any back story on how you found the F360?

Norbert Hofer says:

Congratulations! Great video. From who did you get the actuater parts from and what diagnostic computer are you using to set up & bleed the F1 system?

draco24433 says:

Congrats. Love your videos

A L says:

Seems a very reasonable fix for something that effectively leaves the car unoperable

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