How to DIY Maserati Granturismo Major Service and SAVE $2,000

How to DIY Maserati Granturismo Major Service and SAVE $2,000

This video is a How To Do It Yourself Major Service on a 2014 Maserati Granturismo. By DIY servicing your car, you can easily save over $2,000 compared to taking the car in to the dealership. The major service needs to be performed every 25,000 miles and the minor service at every 12,500 miles.

The major service includes oil and oil filter change, coolant change, air filter change, pollen filter change, brake fluid flush, replace both belts, and changing the power steering fluid. We ran out of time and were not able to change the power steering fluid or pollen filter but I will show that in another video.

Most of the parts you will need to do a DIY major service can be purchased at Ricambi America ( or on Amazon. Links are below.

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Oil Filter Wrench –
Belt Stretch tool –
Coolant –
Motul 600 Brake Fluid –
36MM Socket –
Breaker Bar –
Motive Pressure Bleeder –
Brake Fluid Vacuum Pump –
Scan Tool –
5w-40 Synthetic Oil –

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Drew Borghese says:

Major service who ever charges 2000 is a savage scamer.. my ferrari dealership charges me 900

rx7sportscar says:

Thats what she said…lol

Sale Now says:

This is soo cool. Thanks for the video.

Timothy Cote says:

Im about to do the same job on my buddies 08 qp

Jose Vasconcellos says:

Hi, I see everything you used except for the power steering fluid, could you please add a link to the power steering fluid you bought.

Paul Ackrill says:

Good video well done more please… What a fantastic car.

Bob Long says:

Great video. Thanks!

andy garcia says:

very good video I just acquired a 2012 quattroporte maserati the agency did the service for me. I had 62000 miles now it has 66400 my question is if somebody knows how many miles I have to do the service. I have 3 months with the car

Ron Kirkland says:

Cover over the paint job PLEASE!!!!!!

LaughNowCryLater Music says:

Awesome job mate! Nothing like wrenching on a car you love! Glad you said to bleed the brakes from farthest wheel away first (back passenger side), then work your way to the next. This assures all of the old fluid gets cleared out ::Thumbs Up:: P.S. I love my 2014 GT-S too!

Leonardo Costa says:

It's engine looks like a Ferrari California engine is it the same engine?

ERICtheLATE says:

Very kind of you to offer up your garage for some wrench throwin' and cold one crackin' for some cool content and $,$$$ savin'

gillis haasnoot says:

Just next time put a large cloth on the fenders and bumper. You easily damage the paint working this way. but good job nevertheless!

Starla Goodwin says:

What did you tork the tires too

Marakesh7 says:

Looks very complicated. Think I'd rather pay a professional to complete services.

Anthony Rodriguez says:

If everyone had a friend like Dan, automatic the world would be a better place

365gtb4 says:

What about a video on how to tighten the chassis bolts on an Alfa Romeo 4C? Because the carbon fiber chassis, the bolts need to be tightened every couple of years at a cost of $1200 to $1300.

Rmit Sharma says:

Great video!

mike malliski says:

You need a home lift in your garage…..

Marco Cerqueira says:

On my coupe gt there is a tiny bleeder screw to bleed the air out of the coolant system. You do it with the engine running and the water pump on.

Marco Cerqueira says:

Stick to a dry filter, oiled filters destroy the MAF sensor.

Shift Gears says:

Hope he use distilled water not just tap water to dilute coolant

Megan Hurlbert says:

Wow, judging by the response, it appears that the Masi viewers needed some love.

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