How to change the coolant, thermostat, & accessory belt on a Ferrari F430

How to change the coolant, thermostat, & accessory belt on a Ferrari F430

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In this video we show you how to change the coolant, thermostat, and accessory belt on my Ferrari F430. It’s a fairly simple job and only takes a few hours. Most of the time is just spent removing and reinstalling the underbody panels.

Once the car is jacked up into the air, you remove both the front and rear underbody panels. This will give you access to the radiators in the front, as well as the belt and thermostat in the rear.

You can drain the coolant by putting the car at a forward angle and pulling the drain plugs on the left and right radiators. I used the Pentosin Blue coolant but you can use green coolant as well. The system holds 17.5 Liters of coolant.

The accessory belt is extremely easy to remove and replace. You simply use a 15mm socket on a breaker bar to undo the tension on the belt at the belt tensioner, then pull the belt off and put the new belt on.

The thermostat is removed by unbolting the 3 5mm bolts holding it to the engine block, then removing the hose clamp. I had to use a screwdriver to pry the hose off the old thermostat as it was stuck a bit.

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Crazy Cowboy Builds says:

I messaged you on IG because I’m changing my headers today and wanted to get the AC compressor down. Needed to take off serpentine belt. Your video here helped me. Thanks brother.

Ted Morris says:

This video does not show the complication of removing the top 5mm socket. The video is not factual.

Jan-Olof Johansson says:

Thanks for another great video! I like the rims, can you answer how to buy them?

GTpro says:

What do you think the Ferrari tax is on those hose clamps? X-D

GTpro says:

lol 7:55 wait for it in 3…2…1… X-D

JNgarage says:

I'm surprised you haven't invested in a quick jack.

dean miller says:

The final chapter of f430 Cliffsnotes from Dan are coming to a close, thanks for getting this (and the valve covers) in before moving on to the 458.

Michael Giordano says:

It was nice that you did the repairs for the new owner..

John Belk says:

Dan, great Vlog.
Curious if you tested the old thermostat in a pot, bringing the water up to the opening temperature . Also, the chances of a new thermostat failing are slim, but with all that’s involved I’ll usually test it to ensure it opens at the advertised temp, easy enough to do.

El Cheapo says:

I don't let pliers anywhere near my petcock.

Prince says:

What's the replacement for the Ferrari…. I love seeing you work on these kind of cars… Gives me hope about doing it myself one day

Rocky MTB JR says:

“let’s jack this up…work it baby!” Lmao

Ralph Burrows says:

Im sad to see the old girl go 🙁

Taz Mod says:

Another great job. When I change fluids I run the car before putting all the plastic back on just in case of a leak. Have a great day.

Filipe Gomes says:

Great video Dan, less work than i thought to change that :), who bought the car will be happy as had been well serviced. By the way, what a hell is your helper doing at @7:05 ? lol

Jim Kahng says:

Mine too had that same code recently and this was on my to-do-list. Just ordered the thermostat/gasket using your discount code and it was a big help!!!! Thanks Dan~!!

Gusseisern says:

Megan was Right, this car is a Money pit.

Nathan Baxter says:

Dan, I just got your advertisement for the Ferrari!

Vader's Rage says:

During this F430 adventure, you've become quite the expert at jacking up your car (almost second nature now)…..and I mean that in the elevating sense, not the destructive sense. SUPER intrigued where the next chapter takes you as I'm living vicariously through you and your buddies.

4RE Redneck says:

Crazy my car threw that same code twice about a week ago so I'm sure the thermostat will need to be changed soon. Thanks for the vid!

Robert Kohut says:

I think you linked the wrong part, thermostat housing… 🙂

StergiosX15 says:

These are my favorite videos, the how-to stuff.

Andrew Leonard says:

Where's the cheap American beer at?

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