Full 7 days to build supercar Ferrari Laferrari | Homemade Ferrari

Full 7 days to build supercar Ferrari Laferrari | Homemade Ferrari

we are going to build a Ferrari Laferrari hypercar, we have just completed the first stage which is the body mold for the car and it is completely made of clay. Please leave comments to help us complete. Be this car!

Hope we get your support around the world, we will try more. we are poor rural boys with big dreams, we are from vietnam, nice to meet you.
Thank you again!
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Thịnh Nguyễn says:

Cho em hỏi bài 23 phút 30 là bài gì vậy ạ

netzer says:

fulminati veri !

N8so&So says:

Please get some welding helmets. You will all be blind in a few years if you keep at it like that.

Kojiii says:

These guys can make their own car

Rychu Beta says:

ze skrzynek po bułkach 😀

J J says:

You are an artist! Why don’t you try applying a vinyl film after clay modeling and a coat of liquid vaseline with the paint pistol instead of manually applying carnauba wax, it will be way more easier and fast to remove the boards!

Paul Torrisi says:

I feel conned.

Dean Crisp says:

Fantastic but why spend all that time and work to do what with it ? What's next a maclaren made of marshmallows

コトブキ42 says:


John Bysinger says:

A helpful tip that will really improve the speed you can achieve symmetry in your clay master, is to search for video tutorials on how to use a "ticking stick". Its a very simple and very inexpensive method of accurately duplicating complicated curves. I'm sure you'll find it very helpful, keep up the good work!


amazing but that has to weight an extra thousand pounds


Absolutely amazing

Richard Beaumont says:

This is basically theft.

James The Catfish says:

Pretty sure these guys built my old alfa

who lm says:

Those who have narrow eyes, I consider them like insects, they are a danger on the face of the earth if they have modern capabilities

Phil Tsang says:

Have you guys ever done your own design? Think we seen plenty of copy. Next level is to design your own stuff.

VirusGlitch says:

Show The finished car

cole cash420 says:

Ferrari will definitely sue you, there a…holes

monster hunty says:

so the weight of the car will be around 2.5 tons?

Bennett Policy says:

Get ready… at least three weeks of making a framework to model the whole thing, Oh-Oh the labor !!

A.K says:

I want to do this also how can i join your group..

Sunny singh blogs says:

Sir make land rover defender 2022 (110)

Bionic says:

plz make a batmobile

अनीता says:

बकवास है,मिट्टी का तो कुछ भी बन सकता हे

toetreina says:

Amazing bos

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