Ferrari F430 1 Year Costs and Maintenance

Ferrari F430 1 Year Costs and Maintenance

Now that I’ve officially owned the Ferrari F430 for 1 year, let’s go over ALL of the costs I’ve incurred over the past year. How much does it cost to own a Ferrari? Now you will know.

Cost Spreadsheet:


Some of the Hardware I use to make these videos…
POV Video Glasses:
GoPro Hero 5:
GoPro Suction Mount:
GoPro Mic Adapter:
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Rode VideoMic:



JR says:

year 2 was a different story

Easy Eagle says:

Actually, the first thing everyone wants to know is the price you paid… $$$??? I owned a 328.

PDX Dragon says:

You're enjoying your Ferrari and sharing the experience with us, thank you.

To those of us who can only dream of owning, or even sitting in, a Ferrari, it looks like you won the used Ferrari lottery.

Even though you did well, you paid almost as much to maintain a Ferrari for a year as I did for my, then, seven year old Volvo T5.

Keep us posted about life on the other side, behind the wheel of a Ferrari.

Jaxx Brat says:

Very mild track days..
The mods and good servicing make the car worth owning..

kc4ril says:

Interesting video but I'd like to know how much money you've made from Youtube during the last year???
If your a good youtuber with a Ferrari you can make more then it costs by attracting people to your channel that wouldn't have subbed otherwise!
Tanner J.Fox estimates that he earns $33 per year, per sub, so by that math, if you made anything close to the same, then you made more then enough to pay for the repairs plus extra money to help pay for the cost of the car.

dean miller says:

If a vacation experience is worth $2-5k for a week (obviously could be more or less) why wouldn't the thrill and experience you get to enjoy daily driving the Ferrari qualify? Trust me, I get the same argument from my better half- we agree to disagree. If you work hard, are saving for the other priorities (retirement, children, home improvements) and can afford this to you should do what you love. Cars are my mistress.

Eric Matthews says:

Thanks for sharing the google doc, very cool. Puts into perspective what it really takes to own this car and maintain it. Interesting to see that prior to ownership they spend ~$35k for maintenance, plus your time with the care another ~$15k. Could you break out the tools you had to buy to perform all this? How about what is deemed optional versus necessary? Great channel!

afbtstix says:

10,000 miles in a year. How much did it depreciate in one year and 10k miles ?

Boy Hapay says:

You deserve wayyyy more views and subscribers man! keep it going! 🙂

Alfa Won says:

Maybe you could provide a spreadsheet so we can see all the costs and expenses would be easier. Just show it on screen for a second and we can pause it. Also 9000 Miles / Year is a lot for a Ferrari ! Lol – I only drive my Alfa Giulietta QV (which is like your wifes mini) 2000 miles / year ! Haha

Gaz Girl says:

14 k US dollars wow I can build my Nissan s12 fj20et and make over 700 Hp at the wheels or my e30 s50b32 euro engine even build a turbo engine with all the other gear like clutch ,lsd list goes on ,and I have worked on many Ferrari even Lamborghini,even a ford GT 05 ,supercar or gt40 I was the first person here in Australia to work on it only two of them in the country

MercZero11 says:

The whole "reliability" issue is always thrown around without people really knowing what they are talking about. As if every model that exists under a particular make of vehicle, is all the same, forever. The big issue with all vehicles is being up on the maintenance. So many people just do a couple oil changes a year and drive year in, year out until things break without being preemptive about all the mechanical maintenance. Then they wonder why their car is broken and the dealer wants to charge them $20K to fix everything.
If you keep ahead, you can shop around for the best price on parts and service and do the proper research to find quality parts and mechanics. Or learn what can be DIY.
Great channel Daniel! Love the content!

Shawn Hicks says:

So disregarding Mods, you spent roughly what I spend a year to maintain my 3/4 ton Diesel pickup, plus tires. I already kinda knew that but its interesting to see what this stuff did actually cost you. The insurance was what surprised me. Wow nearly 10k miles in a year, you really did buy that car to drive and I say drive on good sir drive on.

Daniel Marquez says:

You forgot to factor in gasoline! Maybe next video?

Thinh Nguyen says:

Love your video, so true so detail.

Alain Pérez says:

What about the Headlight's LEDs, I know they were cheap, but if you take the car to the dealer to fix that, they will probably tell you to replace both headlights. That would add some cost saving to your "If I take it to the dealer" list.

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