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robert_mitchell says:

The pads are a custom compound for us by Special Brakes in Meuspath. They are just sitting in a Dixcel box:-) The set Runs 2400€

Isaac Fraser says:

11:42 interesting to see an Australian HSV gts in the car park


7;44 you knew as soon as the words left your mouth lol.

JonesCarSpotter says:

those were focus st's not rs's 🙂

Pany says:

Watched all the way until the last second for THAT FOOD SHOT BABY!!

Peach Games says:

Best horse meat go to tesco

Vampirebear13 says:

It doesn't matter how long your videos are Comrade Misha, I watch and enjoy everything you post. On another matter, horse meat in a restaurant???  I'm pretty sure that's illegal here in the states. Plus it looked like some sort of Spam on steroids. LOL

Makke says:

And some tuners install carbon ceramics to a golf.. That is something I will never understand

Jordan B says:

Question for Tim, is there any special process when changing brakes on a Ferrari that's different from normal cars?

Renaud GazToFlat34 says:

Good news for getting one Type R for Apex ! PornFerrariBrake . Nice Megane from Monaco ,
Signature on a Roll Cage with Ragnotti !!!
Please watch this tribute , French Stylish Rallye Legend on FWD drifting all time

Marc Slater says:

Nice 993 ….. 🙂

Derek Loomis says:

Misha, remind me, how do I purchase an Apex hat? The site is down, thanks!

RS030Gaming says:

Focus ST instead of RS 😉

g4rr377 says:

I was told not to turn the steering angle of the hub by moving the disc, I was told to leave the other side wheel on and move it with that

g4rr377 says:

Have I ever tried horse meat, Neighhhhh I haven't

mufflejoy says:

Oh no, I forgot. Never watch a Misha food shot video at a time of day when junkfood shops are closed. Arh.

Grant says:

That whale tale gets me every time

Lee Nux says:

The mint sub' is for a give away ???

Enrico Brancher says:

Keep up with the good work! greatings from Brasil.

Sebastian Peres says:

What is Tim's automotive background like? He seems to be very knowledgeable, esSPECIALE with the high end autos.

Kossofffan says:

135mph with the UP, Misha. How? 🙂 you must be screaming it! I have basically the same engine as it's a Fiesta Zetec S, 1L triple, direct fuel injection, twin cam, turbo, 125PS.
Loving this mix of content lately, many thanks.


Get it so the new ctr can be the first jdm car of the list 🙂

Yves Guivarch says:

My OCD moment, where is it? i can't function properly without it! 🙂

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