How To Replace an O2 Sensor on a 2002-2007 Dodge Caravan

How To Replace an O2 Sensor on a 2002-2007 Dodge Caravan

O2 Sensor Socket:
Denso O2 Sensor with XZZ option:
Denso O2 Sensor without (EXC) XZZ option:
Bosch O2 Sensor with XZZ option:
Bosch O2 Sensor without (EXC) XZZ option:

In this video I start out by telling you how to select the correct O2 sensor, also known as a heated oxygen sensor, for your van. After that, I take you outside and show you how to change your O2 sensor to get rid of that check engine light and improve your fuel economy to save you money!



Fishing, Gaming & Guitars says:

The goo is anti-seize compound, otherwise the sensor would be practically welded to the manifold due to the heat. Even with the compound, they can be a bitch to break loose…

Ty Trammell says:

I did not understand the XZZ portion of your video. I didn't see anything on that plate that said XZZ or EXC XZZ.

John Gizzi says:


Richard Christensen says:

I've got an 05 Dodge caravan
I had the valve cover gaskets replaced along with plugs and wires replaced as well the fuel intake gasket replaced by a shop and the day it was done when I drove off and my engine light came on and tested that my bank 1 sensor 2 oxygen sensor was bad
I had no engine light prior ever
Is there anyone that could tell me if it could be possible that the wires or plug could've been shorted or anything else could've happened
Because it just seems a bit too coincidental that this all went bad on the same day
Thanks for your help

Emerald Griffin says:

Pe pills more

tswpholla says:

Hi great vid. Which type of oxygen sensor is this as far a manufacturer, is it a Bosch? There are different one's. Thank you

DIY Fan says:

I own 2005 Town & Country bought new and replaced the upstream O2 sensor twice now. Both times I removed the windshield wiper motor tray which made it tons easier to access the upstream O2 sensor. I also remove the tray when I change the spark plugs. Downstream O2 sensor is easy to access under the car. Spray with Liquid Wrench or your favorite penetrating oil, let it soak, then remove with 22mm open end wrench.

Love Of My Life says:

How do you know when it's a sensor problem

Dr Joseph Julium says:

Excellent job thank you so much

Timewillhealpainxox Kisses says:

Would bad breaks make the engine light come on?

Alexey G says:

So what sensor you used? Have the same problem same car and letter R

Tbird Santiago says:

i have a 2007 dodge grand caravan sxt 3.8l wich is the part n umber for the upsteam o2 sensor

X says:

I’m getting a P0420 code so what would this mean for me?

Robert Weaver says:

My 8th number is L…so am I with XZZ or Without Xzz?

Sandro Itsme says:

That copper colored paste is Never Seize, so the sensor is removable again…

MrBonger88 says:

Great video. Very informative. Thanks

Bill says:

do you need to reset the computer after replacement or does it go out by itself?

Timothy E Hook says:

Thanks man..really helpful stuff…ill be the hero again in no
Update: I jingked myself…the brand new Bosch o2 sensor autozone sold me for $34 is not comparable with the Chrysler motors…cost me $200 for a mechanic to figure out why it was still blowing the bank 1 code..would have been cheaper if I had just given the car to the mechanic!…arrrg..its tough to get ahead these days.

Bob Bogle says:

Excellent instruction. Your presentation helped save me. Thank you very much

Stephanie Lot2Love says:

thanks for sharing

Vincent Francis says:

Fantastic performance with style…well done no doubt..peace bro..

Tyneisha Kelly says:

Where is the location fir the knock sensor

Mauricio Oyarzun says:

Please indicate hexagonal key dimension, for fabricate the tool. TKS

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