How to remove and install a hub bearing on a Dodge Caravan Tips and Recommendations too!

How to remove and install a hub bearing on a Dodge Caravan Tips and Recommendations too!

In this video, I show in detail how to remove and install a hub bearing on a Dodge Caravan. The vehicle in this video is a 2008 Dodge Caravan. All of the part links are below.

Hub Bearing Link:

Brake Pads and Rotors Link:

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josten cline says:

thanks for going to the trouble of posting this. was really helpful. good vid.

Brendan Wayne Mitchell says:

I’m stuck on chiseling. The part of the hub with the wheel studs popped off but the plate contains the bearing is still stuck on their good

Francisco Perez says:

I want free tools! Thank you, u my hero!

Francisco Perez says:

What's the average mileage to replace wheel bearings on grand caravan 2006, appreciate your help

Lifes Misfortunes says:

You have the best camera I've seen for auto repairs. Oh, and great video too.

Charles Bee says:

Did both sides on the family van last night! Thanks for the video for reference!

Joseph Novak Jr says:

So you didn't have to take off the tie rod? Watched another video where they said you had to? Just confused in that area… But thanks for the video… Just watched it's almost new years Eve…. 2021… I'll be doing my wife's 2014 town and country this Saturday

MoreAverageThanMost says:

I liked when you pushed the caliper piston back in before you took it off. I had never thought of that

Nhi Thu says:

Ya Allah ampunilah dosa kami semua yang setuju like.

Tom Doherty says:

Great video. very concise. I'll be replacing my hub tomorrow

Bullet Tooth Tony says:

Good video man most them made the removal look easy that sucker is in there good

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