Hey guys, today I show you how I installed my 42” curved light bar on my 4th gen RAM front bumper! Thanks for watching, subscribe for more videos! Thanks for watching, drop a comment below!



James One says:

What size tire are on your ram

HilljackZack says:

I recently bought a 2011 ram and I’m thinking about doing this to my truck.
Update 3 weeks later: I’ve blinded a few people with it ngl, but I put a light bar on my truck and it’s mint. I can see everything in front of me. I just wish I could see behind me.

James Jay says:

Great video! I just replaced my Chev with the 2014 Dodge sport after a woman ran a red light and wrote my GM off. Now I’m interested in exactly what you’ve done and I must say you made it look professional and Great looking! Would you mind giving me some details about the light and harness so I can get my daughter’s help in ordering them? That’s a beautiful front end! Thanks for a down to earth explanation of what you did. I’m in the metal trades and I can make anything just as you did! Thanks, Jimmy Jay

JPR Racing says:

Very clean looking truck!
What make and model and size of rims? Also did u put a lift kit or leveling kit?

mikey lowes says:

Great video. I live in kitchener. Just installed a 42” curved on my 2015 ram sport. Having trouble with the wiring. All wiring hooked up, but light bar doesn’t turn on. I didn’t hook up the 2 cube lights that came with package. Please call me to help!!!!

G lo Films says:

Dayum asking to catch fire with all those wires sheeeesh

Leafs fan says:

Where do you live ? I'm in cambridge Ontario. Do you want to install my light on my truck ?


Could be a little cleaner install with cables

Kyle says:

What hood is that? I’m looking to get that for 2010! Will it fit

Abdullah Al-Shimri says:

if you look to the left of the rubber boot (in engine bay) there is a place you can drill holes. I used that place to hardwire my dashcam.

mckutzy says:

Good vid.
However @ 4:33 showing the Harness grommet and the fished wire for the switch, you have it in between the firewall and the rubber. This will eventually rub, contact ground and short out.

The little rubber nipple just below the wire bundle is a routing point to fish through and have it secured and sealed. The reverse in the cab has the dimple for to push through…. cut off the nipple and push it through.
Itll need grease on the wire and coat hanger, with some effort itll go with a bit of effort…Helps to have a friend..
Just completed an install with this vid as the starting base, and the above mentioned.

Ignited 5.7 says:

Why not wire it to your fogs?

DemonCore44 says:

What kinda wheels tires do you have on your truck

dtaposse says:

hey bud-e those are 2 good looking ram trucks-does the black bottom piece pop out or do u have to take the bumper cover off thx

Chris No-one says:

Can any type of curve Light bar fit in a 2007 Dodge ram.??

15 DurangoRT says:

Looks nice and clean!

Mitch Villeneuve says:

a link to the light bar on amazon please

Jan Van Houtte says:

will it also work when linked to the high beams? So if you turn on the high beams, the LED bar will go on as well

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