HOW TO – Install a DiabloSport TUNE on your Dodge RAM

HOW TO – Install a DiabloSport TUNE on your Dodge RAM

In this video I show how simple it is to install or change the tune on your dodge ram truck ecu / pcm using a Diablosport i2 tuner. This will be the same procedure on any Dodge vehicle that the i2 supports and it is really quite simple to use.

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American Rifleman96 says:

Would it work on a 2010 ram 4.7L ? 6sp trans

robert19271 says:

I have a new 2016 Ram with the Hemi. It was a left over got it new in late 2017. Is warranty still ok using the DiabloSport? And should I run 87 or 91. Using just 87 effect engine? Thanks really like your channel.


What does that little thing do this is my first time hearing about it?

W B says:

I’m looking for better gas mileage on my ‘13 Ram Hemi truck. Will this help ?

Walter Jackson says:

how many miles per gallion did it gain with the new fan

Steven Rodriguez says:

Can you run the Diablo and a Pedal commander? Is it the same thing and you adjusting the pedal response to 20%? Thanks in advance

TheLegend5peed says:

John, I just installed my i2/e-fan/180 Tstat its great. Thanks for the videos! Are you thinking of a custom tune?

Craig randazzo says:

would this work on a 2015 ram 1500?

Russ Zufelt says:

John, you've had the Diablo Sport (DS) tune in truck for a couple of months now. Since you do educational videos for us, please do a video explaining how the DS tune has improved HP, MPG, performance, etc. Your analysis would greatly benefit those of us who own 2015+ Rams still trying to decipher the cost to benefit ratio for the DS tune + unlocked PCM. Thanking you in advance.

Wayne Gretzky says:

Y'all dumb af it's a ram from 2009 on

Geoffrey Ross says:

Ram 1500 brothers! BEWARE!!! Installed the intune i2 on my Ram 1500 with the tech on the phone and it crashed my PCM! Had to send my PCM to Diablo and have them recover it. They were very good about everything, but was without my truck for two days. When I got the PCM back and reinstalled it (no tuner), check engine light was on, truck began honking and lights flashing, running or not, like I had hit the panic button. After well over an hour on the phone with there techs again, truck was finally running rt again. Their final answer after two days of no work and MANY hours on the phone, I got the answer of, we will replace the tuner and sorry all this happened, for my trouble! If you do decide to move forward and have any issues, be sure the speak with either Johnathan or Ken. Both guys were super helpful thru this three day very frustrating situation! Good luck!

Thomas Cidoni says:

Which version is it ie i2010, i2020, i2030, i2050

Mark Narvaez says:

Hey bro. Have you thought of putting on the Pedal Commander?

des.MIMT says:

What is the purpose of this? and would it benefit my 2017 Hemi? Someone educate me. Is this device for having a quicker response when stepping on the gas pedal?

santi o says:

What settings did u use to run the v6 fan
Thanks planning on doing that soon hopefully I can score one cheap lol

Jake Marshall says:

Is 91 octane is all u can get? Here we have 93 octane?

keeping it fresh says:

I have the Diablo Trinity tuner. I have a 2016 Dodge ram 1500 hemi. U do have to get a unlock pcm with the tuner. I had 87 tuned and I tried 91 and changed the fuel not a big difference no point in spending more money on gas to feel no difference cause the truck already eats alot of gas.

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