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Hey guys, in this video we are going to show you how to remove or replace radio unit, cd player on Dodge Charger or Dodge Magnum 2005-2010. It is not complicated procedure at all to replace the radio. You need to be careful not to brake the radio trim. It could be fragile. If you replace your radio make sure that it matches your old radio part number or it might not work.
This might work on:
2005 Dodge Charger radio replacement removal
2006 Dodge Charger radio replacement removal
2007 Dodge Charger radio replacement removal
2008 Dodge Charger radio replacement removal
2009 Dodge Charger radio replacement removal
2010 Dodge Charger radio replacement removal

2005 Dodge Magnum radio replacement removal
2006 Dodge Magnum radio replacement removal
2007 Dodge Magnum radio replacement removal
2008 Dodge Magnum radio replacement removal
2009 Dodge Magnum radio replacement removal

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♦♦♦ Cameras & Gear Used For This Video ♦♦♦
Panasonic Lumix FZ300
Polaroid 72-inch

Polaroid Pro Video Condenser

NEEWER 160 LED CN-160 Dimmable

•Computer for editing
Lenovo ideapad 310

♦♦♦ Other Equipment and Gear that I use ♦♦♦

•Second Camera
Sony HD Video Recording HDRCX405

•GoPro HERO5 Black

•Extra Computer For Editing
Lenovo Ideapad 510

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Cryocion says:

im having trouble removing the connector at 2:44. i pushed up the red thing but it still won’t come out. any ideas?

Arthur Raymond says:

My stereo doesn't have the small connector behind it. And I don't have a factory amp as well. Please help!!

Daniel Zavala says:

The two holes where the stereo panel clips in are broken how can I fix or find the part . Now my front dash doesn't latch together

Smash Life says:

how remove cd from inside plz?

Jommy Barban says:

that's the easy part, where's the actual replacement video?

Rob Brockett says:

You didn't need to take the trim piece all the way out

Jason Meyers says:

Why do you have to put the car in drive

Gilbert Monroy says:

Looks pretty simple…..thanks for the video

Distractor_Beam says:

I documented a video on how I installed my stereo from start to finish.

On Youtube it's called:
Installing a Stereo, USB Ports, and a Backup Camera in a 2005 Dodge Magnum.

Mr. Torres says:

Thanks man you're video help me out a lot thank you for that..

Javier Torres says:

Lol just open up the ash tray and pull the plastic! No need for tools just a screw driver

joel castro says:

what about if you have no sound from oem radio?

Demond Jernigan says:

How to install raido

Odins Sun says:

Might be a stupid question but if I buy the correct wiring harness for my vehicle will it simply plug right up to the car and the radio or is there more wiring involved? Do I even need a wiring harness? Thanks for the help in advance..

Steve Cortez says:

Jake robby you are  an ungrateful being… learn kid…

leo brruh says:

Why did you put the car on drive?

Jorge Damian says:

very helpful i mangaed to replace the face panel with a more stylish one.

Dennis Edwards says:

Great Video! Exactly what I needed! Much Appreciated!!!

Axel FLG says:

Can you replace the 07 charger radio and gauges with the 2014-15 charger ?

Stan Gill says:

I'd like to add that the cables coming from the head will extend out a bit more, you just have to fish them out for more slack. This video will relate to newer Dodge and Chrysler as well, it just looks a little different, but the techniques are the same. Disassembly is very easy in these cars…

FinallyOnRecords says:

Call me slow but I needed this video my factory radio is shit


this was so stupid

Jakes baked420 says:

holy fuck you idiot what about the wires

Lequisha Walker says:

Thanks! Very easy to follow video!

derick pryor says:

thx big help..

CrystalClearServicesLLC says:

Is this the same for the 5 cd changer that looks the same?

daniel cortes says:

love your videos

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