Dirk does DIY – Dodge Dakota tie rod replacement + alignment

Dirk does DIY – Dodge Dakota tie rod replacement + alignment

Vlog style adventure I had repairing the “97 Dodge Dakota for my daughter. I feature a DIY tie rod replacement as well as a DIY wheel alignment using the string method.



marcus lockhart says:

Great video, thanks for your time

Linda Overstreet says:

Could have been a better video, just cut out the time wasted introducing your kids. Just a waste of everyones time.

Fire Service Pro LLC says:

I have never seen the string method alignment…thanks for teaching, this do it yourself alignment. Like the video things are always more involved than a quick repair, as children often think, adding the road trip was nice…mmm…Popeye's Chicken

Apachecat Cat says:

Sorry but a 3/8 socket extension isn't a good unit of measurement. And it's better to have the string taught against the rear tire, then to measure the difference in the front to the rim with a ruler in a square . Or even a tape measure

Lars Barno says:

Thanks… I'm amazed you are the only guy who's tried to do the DIY wheel alignment. No one else wants to try I guess!

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