Aftermarket Radio Install In a 2006 Dodge Ram

Aftermarket Radio Install In a 2006 Dodge Ram

Informational video to help any one install an aftermarket double din radio. Although we install this into a Ram, Majority of vehicles are very similar in the process.

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The exact parts I received:

Radio – Axxera AV6117B…

Dash Trim and Brackets: Matte Black – Metra 95-6528B…

Wiring Harness: PAC C2R-CHY4…

Antena Adapter: Metra 40-CR10…

Backup Camera license plate cover:…



Daniel Zamora says:

I know I’m late but I tried a different harness and it didn’t have a functional accessory wire and would leave my radio on when the truck is off. Does this harness fix that?

Israel Nava says:

If I want to install a aftermarket amplifier for subs do I just plug it in to my stereo or will the factory amp interfere with it?

Aaron Thompson says:

Thanks , I put radio . It do not work , watch your video .It hit me , I had the pack to the steering controls. A
Ll wor ok thanks

Roami Zane says:

Any suggestions for getting bigger display?

Edgar H252 says:

2:51 Did you put both yellow wires together into the single yellow wire from stereo harness?

D 313 says:

Thank you bro!!!! I needed to know what to order because google wasnt helping me. The links u got dont work but the names was all i needed

Vargas_556 says:

Does yours have the infinity sound system

Bwils74 says:

What do you do with the USB cable if it comes off the back of the radio, is there a good way to route the cord so I don't have to have it hanging out the front of the trim?

Kelly Kolnes says:

Wasn't that sirius ready ?

Dee Snutz says:

Wow you made it look really easy dude

Dirk Van Hecke says:

I have the same truck, with an infinity 7 speaker system. I used the same harness from PAC to connect to my pioneer. But I don't have sound in the back?

Jeremy Johnson says:

Does red/white go with red

Demofishing says:

Do you need the pac adapter for an aftermarket radio to even power on in a ram 2500


I have the same interior in my 06. I am scared to pry on my dash because a lot of people say there are screws. Does anyone know what’s up with this and which is true?

jonathan garrett says:

this was very easy to follow. im helping my friend install his radio so i should be able to now thanks!

Calvin Ingram says:

Was that a 6.2 radio?

Maxwell Copeland says:

I hooked my radio up by the color of the wires and mine didnt come on, but I hooked a different radio that i know works and it didnt come on either any advice?

Brent H says:

what wire on the cr2 chy is the switched ignition wire? if i have both yellow to one yellow, no power, if i add the red, i get constant power. where did you hook up the switched ignition wire from the radio into the harness so the radio turns off with the car off. right now mine stays on with the car off because i dont know which one is the switched ignition

Jose JR says:

Im a bit behind and confused tbh, whats the point of that blue box/device? Im trying to get a wiring harness and why are they so expensive? Ive done a radio installation on my old dakota and it was like $15-$20

NellyJelly Belly says:

i got the same interface for my 07 ram but im only getting sound from back speakers

K B says:

Hello Thank you for the share will this harness work with a 2007 dodge ram 1500 (PAC C2R-CHY4 Radio Replacement Interface for Chrysler) and what about the antenna Thank you again you made it look so easy..

Simon Pro says:

I hava a ram 1500 2006 , 4 speaker .

I changed my speaker and they still sound like crap .

If i change the stock radio does the speaker should sound better ?

Francisco Castro says:

How can I find that same stereo?

Kyler Martin says:

Did you have any extra wires you didn’t use. That’s my issues right now.

Pack Attack 1 says:

Just got a 08’ and this video was really helpful. Appreciate it sir!

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