How To Replace Alternator on Dodge Challenger, Charger, Magnum, Chrysler 300 HEMI

How To Replace Alternator on Dodge Challenger, Charger, Magnum, Chrysler 300 HEMI

Ratcheting wrenches I use:

Complete step-by-step guide to replacing the alternator on your HEMI-power Dodge Challenger, Charger, Magnum, or Chrysler 300 vehicle.



Patrick Swing says:

I’m changing out my alternator Tomorrow and I so hope I can accomplish this that easy.!. Great Video.!.

John Hamrick says:

Takin out from top or bottom how can you dislike this vid. He tells you exactly what to expect and what to do. Thanks for the vid bud.

Jacob Perez says:

Is the support bar recommended? Like can I just leave it off?

ACXD says:

My electric impact started smoking. The bolts are damn near seized. Also the alt smokes when the battery is on. :/

tomsriv says:

Thanks for this! I had to remove the radiator hose on my ‘06 Magnum RT. Also pulled off the elec connector for the EGR to make more room. The bracket and bottom bolts I could get from the wheel well easier than above or below. Just needed to loosen that bracket. Only part that screwed me up was the tab on the alt power cable that needs to nest in a slot. Got to get that in the right position.

Nairb Udy says:

What a pain…they sure don't build them to be serviced. I just had mine replaced under recall and was curious what had to be done.

Mike T says:

Very helpful video. I have a '17 Durango with the 5.7 but the motors are basically the same. I'm gonna be pulling out my factory 200a alternator soon and replacing it with a 370a. I always like to see how other people have done an alternator replacement on a particular vehicle prior to getting in there myself. Also gonna be upgrading that wimpy charge lead that Dodge likes to put on their vehicles. In my case, Dodge thought it'd be cool to pass 200a through a 6 gauge wire smh…at least my battery + and – are 0 gauge.

Alex Pino says:

Or take it to midas lol

William Cattr says:

Very informative! However, would it be easier to remove the skid plate and just pull the alternator out from the bottom instead of from the top?

Pillow Jones says:

Yeah.. Never mind. To the mechanic I go. Lol!

Gregory Gallo says:

Thank you for showing how to disconnect the alternator connector tab. Auto data DIY provides the wrong information.

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