how to install subwoofer on 2011 – 2015 Chrysler 300 or charger

how to install subwoofer on 2011 – 2015 Chrysler 300 or charger

Tasting video coming soon



Jimmie’s channel says:

Horrible video!!!


What’s the wire your running up front

Michael Anthony says:

stop smoking soooo much weed before making a video

akbar kaleem says:

What about the remote wire

boxer Mata says:

Who is this dumb ass ….wiring all jacked up fukin mickey mouse

Avi Ramnarine says:

Your going to light your car on fire with this install, you didn’t even run a correct remote wire, no one should follow this install.. coming from an actual certified mobile Tech


Yo lmfao that fuse is useless cause the ground gauge is way smaller then the hot haha shits gonna catch fire, such a half ass install

Dexter Myles says:

Could you make the video without skipping the actual work that's being done it makes your video useless, if your just showing us all the wires that we know about already….

King Salley says:

So u don’t half to run it radio

Coy MacKenzie says:

Your ground should be the same awg as your power. Your gonna start a fire with that dinky ass wire

Jeromewebster17 says:

Where you ran you remote wire

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