How to Chrysler 300C Remote start install

How to Chrysler 300C Remote start install

05-07 300c charger rt srt8 remote start install for the Fortin stand alone evo all with CHRT5 T Harness



Tony Tykoon says:

Can u disable the horn blowing every time you want to use it.

Shane Guptill says:

Could you tag the links to exactly what you ordered I cant find the t harness

Mirzei says:

put me on game goat. did this shit in 30-40 minutes with the provided taps from my distributor.

MrJort147 says:

Thanks for the video. Helped me tremendously. The wire color guide that MPC provided didn’t match my ignition harness but your harness matched my 2005 magnum sxt. Couldn’t have completed the install without this video.

Prochargedmopar15 says:

Great video!! Just installed one in my 05 300

JD Bagger 2-wheel sanity says:

Omg thanks for video been lookin all day i am installing one in wifes 07 charger rt an the instructions were confusing to me Thanks a bunch!

You Tube says:

Instead of colors you can say what they do. Jesus

Adam Kriger says:

Hey. Any way you could help with a Flashlogic remote start install on a 2007 Dodge Charger?

Publius2k4 says:

I’m like 3 min in and I’ve gotta leave. Never heard anyone put 5 syllables in the word “And”

Adam Kriger says:

So no hood pin needed/required?

anthony patterson says:

You say the purple and brown wire, but you have your green and red wire connected to the solid purple wire(#2 on the 5 pin harness under the dash)

turtlehead2 says:

Appreciate the video. I have the same year and model. I’m trying to get a Clifford 5906x Installed. I have just the alarm. I’m not sure what else I need. I’m planning to get it done by an installer. I feel like an install is a little beyond my level of expertise. It’s a little more involved than installing a radio or running wires for an amp. Do you have any idea what more I need to buy?

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