How to Install 2011-2019 Chevrolet Cruze Tail Light & Backup LEDs | Diode Dynamics

How to Install 2011-2019 Chevrolet Cruze Tail Light & Backup LEDs | Diode Dynamics

Get your LED Rear Turn/Tail Light Bulbs here:

0:00 Introduction
0:14 Removing Trunk Liner
0:50 Removing Tail Light Housing
1:10 Removing Factory Brake Light Bulb
1:27 Installing DD LED Bulb
1:34 Troubleshooting
1:50 Re-Installing Factory Harness
2:00 Re-Installing Tail Light Housing
2:26 Re-Installing Trunk Liner

3:02 Removing Trunk Lid Liner
3:46 Removing Factory Running/Reverse Bulbs
4:00 Installing DD LED Bulb
4:37 Troubleshooting
4:45 Re-Installing Trunk Liner
4:52 Summary

Get your LED Backup Bulbs here:

This video highlights the simple install steps of Diode Dynamics LED Tail Light and Backup Bulbs for the 2011-2019 Chevrolet Cruze. Unlike generic LED bulbs, our tail light and backup bulbs are designed and tested here in St. Louis to ensure maximum brightness and reliability.

At 410 lab-proven lumens, our XP50 LED Backup Bulbs for the 2011-2019 Chevrolet Cruze are among the brightest on the market! With these installed, you’ll have drastically improved rear-facing visibility, making reversing at night easier and safer.

Providing a whopping 510 test-verified lumens, our XP80 LED Tail Light/Rear Turn Signal LED Bulbs make your 2016-2019 Cruze much easier to spot when braking or turning. And the crisp on/off of the LEDs gives your Cruze a much more modern look.

Email us with any questions at or call 314-205-3033. Thanks for watching!

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MeechieIRL says:

Does the 7443 need led resistors ? Since the brake light and turning signal are the same ?

MeechieIRL says:

Is the hp5 194 a red or white bulb ???

Adam Hamel says:

Will I need any load resistors if I use these particular bulbs, or can I really just plug 'em in?

Cpt. Pandy says:

Hey mates I've noticed that your video on the LED headlight bulbs can't be found nor can the bulbs on the website, have you guys stopped making them for this vehicle?

Jessica Gomez says:

Hi! I have a 2017 chevy cruze LT and my high mount brake light is cracked on the corner/not working and water is now leaking into my trunk/backseats. I Have found a seller who's selling the piece my main concern is if you have any idea if it is hard to do yourself? is the wiring a tough job?
I really need to fix this issue ASAP because where I live we are experiencing a ton of rain and im beginning to smell the water/ mildew in my car. Thank you!

Luis Galdamez says:

I installed led tail lights and now the outer lights don’t turn on unless I’m braking is that Normal?

Kevin Kheav says:

Hey, is there a link to the 194 HP5 as well?

Jose Leal says:

Do the the brake/turn signal led requires a load resistor for hyper flashing?

Joe Ramos says:

Is Installatuon any different on the 18 Cruze LT Hatch? Also where can I find the tools used in this install video?

Jake Patchogue says:

Great video. How about led turn signals??

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