DIY How to Remove Replace ALTERNATOR 4.3L (1997-2006 Chevy Truck)

DIY How to Remove Replace ALTERNATOR 4.3L (1997-2006 Chevy Truck)

DIY HOW TO PULL YOUR OWN PARTS AT A SALVAGE YARD AND SAVE MONEY while keeping your vehicle on the road! How to remove/replace the ALTERNATOR on a 1997-2006 Chevy Truck or van with a 4.3 V6. The process is similar for trucks equipped with a V8

10mm Socket
15mm Socket
3/8 ratchet
1/4 ratchet

QUICK PULL TIP: Using a 3/8 breaker bar vs a 3/8 ratchet to pull and release the tension of the belt tensioner to remove belt will allow for better leverage.

1. Remove the serpentine belt by inserting a 3/8 ratchet into the square hole on the front of the belt tensioner, pulling against the spring tension then remove the belt.
2. Remove the 2 bolts on the front of the alternator using a 15mm socket.
3. Remove the nut holding the maing power wire with a 10mm socket
4. Remove the main electrical plug by lifting up on the tab and pulling the plug.

REPLACE: Follow the steps above in reverse.

Level of effort/expertise: Medium

Average auto parts store cost: $120

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Classic G-Body Garage says:

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Gary Perry says:

Thanks Brother. God Bless.

Subgunman says:

I've been in some yards that have not removed the batteries from the vehicles. Always check for batteries and make sure the negative is pulled first if one should come across a donor that still has a battery in it before tackling electrical parts removal.

Thomas Somerville says:

Did anybody out there have some good websites to get some G body parts like fenders and headlight assemblies

wyattoneable says:

Thanks Brian.

Dan H says:

poor truck , worked to death

J. Hunto's Garage says:

"Remanufactured" probably means it didn't work when it was installed. Owner probably got fed up called a tow truck, which just had a "New" alternator installed. 😉 Good job, thanks for sharing!

Mr. Scientifical says:

I use to have a 1987 luxury sport with that 4.3 fuel injection. Quick question
Would that NEWER truck have same engine and throttle body or will it be different?

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