Clutch Replacement – Chevrolet K-1500 | GMC | Chevy | Pickup Truck | C/K 1500 | 5.7 | SBC

Clutch Replacement – Chevrolet K-1500 | GMC | Chevy | Pickup Truck | C/K 1500 | 5.7 | SBC

Clutch Replacement — Chevrolet Chevy C/K 1500 Clutch Replacement. GMC K1500 5.7 liter Clutch Replacement. Half Ton Chevy Small Block 350 Clutch replacement.

I could not find a complete SBC clutch replacement video so I created this one, hope you like it.

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Nelson Williams says:

culdint you just remove the engine.. I would think that would be faster.

will fleischauer says:

How much does the tranny weigh
Could u do it without a tranny jack

Ben Tech says:

did you need to remove the Y PIPE?

popfluster says:

Thanks for the informative video.

silvester weber says:

Hey guys I have 1995 3500 diesel it will only engage in gear if the master cylinder is not engage have to shut of the truck every time other wise it won't go in gear What needs to be done . Leave your comments below Thx

jorden stout says:

How long does it take to replace a clutch yourself? I may he doing it soon and curious how long it will take

DaytonCarCare says:

Is this the NV4500 transmission? Also what fluid does the transfer case take and how much?

Big Al says:

Did you resurface the flywheel?

Mike says:

Very nice sir thanks for the great video

some dude says:

i re-installed my sm465 but now i don't have power to wheels as though the clutch is barely touching. not pushing in the clutch pedal i can put in all foward gears and it grinds when putting in revers until i push in clutch pedal then it will let me. wtf? so im gonna have to drop trans again? hope not its a huge p.i.t.a. with a gravel driveway and lacking proper tools

Darren H says:

Thanks for a great video. I was looking for a video on replacing a clutch in a 5 speed tranny for a 91 S-10 4×4 and this seemed to be the closest I could find.

Garrett Owens says:

i have a 1989 v3500, would i really have to take the transmission and the transfer case out? im not really cool enough to have a garage like yours… would i be able to just move the transmission out of the way enough to get to the clutch/pressure plate? as much as i want to take it to a shop, id rather not, would cost me too much

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