I DO WHAT CADILLAC WON'T: Customizing my Escalade with $17 in spray paint and $12 in vinyl

I DO WHAT CADILLAC WON'T: Customizing my Escalade with $17 in spray paint and $12 in vinyl

Sometimes the only way to get things done right is to do it yourself!

Link to the vinyl: VViViD Air-Tint Dark Black… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01GQRQ996?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share



@Phenom305 says:

Any recommendations or websites on how to change the interior wood trim? I have a sport platinum and i hate that gloss woodgrain. I prefer the black woodgrain on the regular sport. I wish they had like a carbon fiber option or a open pore wood. That shinny wood sucks

@familyfunriasfamilyfamilyf5282 says:

Not a fan of whites so if I was you I would change the white color with a nice wrap instead of the little details and decals that you could buy online already that way… just saying

@sharonj.heffernan7688 says:

Nerve wracking!

@mrdeanv4414 says:

What year is your Vette…? I have a Black 95 c4…

@mrdeanv4414 says:

Awesome video and very informative… I'm about to do this to my wife's 2017 escalade and my 07 Ext Escalade… and I live in Tx..

@kenpalmer4256 says:

So I just bought the black covers for the front and rear emblems, they have like an American flag design which I like. I didn't even think about the reflectors, definitely going to try that this weekend. As for the side emblems I just took those off, once you painted them, you couldn't really see them anymore. Looks great though. Mine is black unfortunately, dealership kept marking up the white ones.

@CRASS2047 says:

Omg the overspray had to have gotten on the rest of the truck

@ckm-mkc says:

It's a cheap way to get what you want, and it's pretty brave to do this to a new car. That said, I think that widespread use of black just looks cheap. It's way, way cheaper for manufacturers to have black plastic trim rather than either chrome or even chromed plastic. Make for fat margins on black options packages, but it just reminds me of cheap ABS plastic…. But to each his own, either way, well done.

@s_lafi says:

Ok you're a legend

@sp00f34 says:

that turned out really great

@Roxbury2207 says:

Can't even see the emblem, the monochrome package is better

@amartyyadas9870 says:

you know you can option a monochrome cadillac badge…

@ernestodiaz-ro5mh says:

Looks awesome good job

@stevek758 says:

Never use a Terry cloth towel, always fiber. Sorry man i'm a painter

@stevek758 says:

it is wht would you use Peel coat or plasti. wont last in front.

@stevek758 says:

the colored emblem is very cadillac. like the colors anyways

@zeusm8498 says:

Such an elegant SUV, one day.

@phjohnso says:

my only question, Inheritance, independently wealthy, trust fund, or??? lots of money hanging around there… But beautiful stuff – thanks for sharing!

@bfighter8930 says:

The craziest thing is that I want the rim option without the mono emblem look. Is that possible to order??

@inchlorIentztJiIu says:

These days Cadillac has surpass the Germans. Not even Rolls Royce competes with escalade these days. Rolls Royce, Bentley, Mercedes BMW, and Range Rover need to be updated to compete with the escalade. If you enjoy driving your luxury cars, the Escalade is the top dog these days.

@AceBoy2099 says:

Looks nice, but I would have seen if I could get a small piece of white vinyl for the amber Reflectors (you didnt mention if you did look or not), if not then did the black, at least in this case.

@toyota420xp says:

I dont like the black emblems

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