How to Replace A/C Temperature actuators on 2007 Cadillac srx

How to Replace A/C Temperature actuators on 2007 Cadillac srx


Nick Acciardo says:

Thanks…I have installed an R-134A charge bottle with built in gauge set…It shows within the green range, that the system has a charge. Do you know why my vehicle will not call for cool air when it is engaged in cooling cycle? Could it be a mixing control issue or a damper control? Your thoughts…

Nick Acciardo says:

Greetings! I have a 2008 DTS with A/C not working. Compressor comes on but doesn't cool. Any clues?

James Walters says:

Hello ! Thanks for the video ! Is there another Control actuator on the other side of the console ?? My SRX is blowing cold out of the left side dash and heat out of the right side dash with occasional popping noise coming from down in the dash !! Waiting to hear from you . 2/20/2020 1:30 pm Thanks

King Clem says:

How to remove the passenger side actuator without removing the dashboard?

Mike Schiavoni says:

I had some clicking and was able to get the actuator arm back on track with a long 1/4 socket extension. I cycled the air till i saw where the servo arm came off the air blend door cam slider thing. The servo actuater arm is white, the cam rail thing is black. You will see it jumps up and down and makes noise. It something is not working you can cycle through the controls to see which actuator is not working. If its clicking its probly ok just off track. I had one broken one (lower drivers side) and another off track(upper drivers side). When working on thos car make sure to put every screw back. They rattle if you miss anything.

DiscoverTheLifeStyle says:

No sure check on you local parts store or internet

Philip Plane says:

Is the actuator the same on a 2008 SRX? What lower panel did you remove ? Thanks

andreu molina says:

Ya cambie el actuator y sigue el mismo problema, el lado del pasajero sigue solo con aire caliente, que otra porblema podra ser, mi carro es un cadillac xrs 2008

andreu molina says:

Buenas tardes mi cadillac srx el AC solo le.funciona el lado del driver debo cambiarle esa pieza que usted muestra alli para que funcione? Gracias

Abzal Ogir says:

I have cold air on the passenger side and warm air on n the driver side srx2008

Nicole Evangelista says:

I have a Digital Temperature Climate Control, my Drivers side is stuck on 60 degrees and the buttons wont work to change the degrees to turn up the heat, also the seat warmer button attached to it doesn't work either. however the passenger side works just fine heat and buttons work perfectly over there. what do i need to fix this its so cold in the mornings i hate driving to work, and my vehicle is a 2009 Cadillac CTS 4. thank you ahead of time 🙂

CryptoConservativeJason says:

Can you walk on water ?

MrDCJSr says:

The actuator you replaced is not the only one on that side of the car. There is another one higher up that I have yet to figure out how to remove. I have a Cadillac 2005 SRX 3.6L.

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