How to fix PO420 code (Cadillac)

How to fix PO420 code (Cadillac)

Here we are replacing our (bank 1 sensor 2) downstream O2 sensor which has prevented the PO420 code from returning. The code would trigger within 5 minutes of the car idling and although the car still ran great before replacing the sensor it is nice to no longer have that CEL.



TheAnthonybellomo says:

Did you need to disconnect the battery first?

Lester Wright says:

Great video.

Robb Robb says:

What if you getting a p0420 & p0430 code Cadillac STS 2006 do i still start with down stream oxygen sensors ???

Erik arellano felix says:

please make more i got 2011 cts same issue but would love to learn more

Emad Baeira says:

For. P0420 code bank one. Did you just change the one Sensor or both of them on the upstream. Thx

Galindo Felix says:

po420 no issues at all but after i cleared the code it came back on. $48 part, might as well changed it. thank you for your video, it helped me out.

Joseph Dumoulin says:

Does “below threshold bank 1” mean sensor 1 or 2?

Darrell Wilson says:

What symptoms were you experiencing with your car before you replaced it?

Vincent Davis, says:

Do I have to replace all the o2 sensors

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