Cadillac CTS 08-13 Headlight Replacement/Repair NO BUMPER REMOVED

Cadillac CTS 08-13 Headlight Replacement/Repair NO BUMPER REMOVED

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Christopher Flynn says:

Will this work with the HID Xenon bulbs in a 2012 CTS Coupe?

Dennis Lee says:

If you're going to go through all that work to replace the bulb why would you ever replace it with another halogen? Why wouldn't you upgrade to an HID setup? A reliable kit only cost $40 and you get 10x more visibility

Nina Thomas says:

Thank You!! I found the bulbs at Wal-Mart for $13.00 ea.. Instead of paying $129.99 ea. At Autozone.

OSDCrusher says:

Good video. Helped me get this job done on a 2012 CTS. Has to be the dumbest headlight removal process I've ever dealt with. Fuck GM and fuck Cadillac.

Paul Burnette says:

the CTS4 different? I don't have the 10mm under my wheel well…it's all flat and i can't pull any of them…uggg

ryansaunders65 says:

I see you with the UP gloves… Great vid. It works!!! Thank you.

quack quack says:

Good info. I'd be a lot more careful with the assembly as far as the wrench handle making contact with the lens on disassembly and resting it on other parts increasing the risk of scratching, or cracking it. This is the Halogen style assembly (also looks like aftermarket as the back of the housing read "Made in China") that is not very expensive to replace. The Xenon assemblies are ~$1000 each and lenses are not sold separately for them that I'm aware of.

87stump says:

Extremely helpful and accurate. Way easier than I thought. Your bulb may vary depending on the year of your vehicle though. My 2011 used an H9.

Chris Freeman says:

I have done this before but your method saved me at least an hour – thanks…

Michael McCrea says:

I have a 2012 CTS 3.0 AWD and need a front bumper, Air DAM, grills and under bumper plastic covers. My daughter hit porcupine on passenger side at 100km. Know anyone selling used?

Scot M says:

thanks…it is absolutely ridiculous all this has to be done to simply replace a bulb.

PG ROAD GLIDE 15 says:

Those are really nice lights good job thank you for sharing the video it's going to help me, I just bought my CTS yesterday and the lights have Hayes on it I want to change them what kind of lights are the ones that you have there what's the brand and model?

Dustin Morris says:

Thank you so much!!!!!! This was way easier than I thought, and saved me a ton. I changed both lights out, super easy

Bobby Ray says:

Who ever was holding the camera, tell him to not drink so much beer next time and slow down the movement, so we can actually see whats being done.

Jon Romero says:

Thank You,Done is DONE

Thee FourSeventeen says:

Can you give me the list of tools needed?

David Caporizzo says:

Hey where does this guy live? I need to pay you to fix my bulb real fast. Please respond to this lol

Ms ch says:

Money saver!!!!! Thank you for this video!!!!!!!!!! This works.

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