2010-2016 Cadillac SRX headlight bulb replacement

2010-2016 Cadillac SRX headlight bulb replacement

Headlight bulb replacement for Cadillac SRX MY2010-2016. Bumper cover must be removed (a la 2008-2012 Chevrolet Malibu).

Items used in video:
1/4 in. drive NAPA Carlyle ratchet
7 and 10mm Pittsburgh sockets
Titan Tools Philips and mini ratchet
Door panel clip removal tool



Cindy Kelly says:

Thank you! The dealership told me I’d have to replace the entire assembly. My son said that was BS. I won’t tell him I actually spoke to an “expert”, I’ll let him think his idea worked! LOL!!!! PS … I’m going to tackle this on my own. Ye of little faith. Thanks again! I’ll let you know how it turns out!

Cindy Kelly says:

WOW! I've owned EVERYTHING from Jaguars to Mercedes and never have I seen something so complicated transpire to replace a headlight bulb. But, I thank you for clarifying the process for me. That said, I own a 2014 SRX and the low beam is SO dull that I can't see the road well at night. There is no moisture in the headlamp casing and no "film" on the headlamp cover. Can I replace the low beam lights with something "brighter"? I sincerely appreciate your guidance!

Tray Day says:

DISISSOMEBULLSHIT!! but i gotta do it on my wifes srx!!

Doug Eisner says:

Just replace mine and couldn't get my hand in the drivers side opening so took out the battery and case and was a piece of cake…25 minute job to remove battery p.s. Had tried to take off the fuse panel but didn't seem like it wanted to budge so put 3 bolts back in and car wouldn't start….looked up a forum and another fellow had same problem and said to make sure bolts were tight…went back out and tightened them up and problem solved…..these forums are excellent….thanks to all for the tips

John Skogman says:

Shit, thats alot

Jeremiah Diaz says:

For those people referring not to remove the bumper, please, I got news for you. I did replaced mine in a 2012 SRX, without removing the bumper. Unfortunately, when I finished the job, the car wouldn't start. I just couldn't figure out what the fuck happened. Mechanic took over and cost me $400.00 to get it started back up. Okay, I learned the hard way. The rule of thumb is to remove a post from your battery when working around electrical parts or wiring on your vehicle. Remember that there is computer on that vehicle. Any way, I did replaced both low beams on my vehicle, but the projection were completely off. I didn't had a hard time trying to insert the light bulbs back in the creviced, but actually twisting in place. That was the hard part. In taking apart the bumper is a little bit time consuming, I guess, but the light bulb will go in perfectly down the hole and you are free to twisted without any obstacle. I'm thinking on replaced my bulbs with LEDs instead. It would be more brighter and the color will be whiter. Here is what I'm thinking in going for it; https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B078JSZVXL/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=AAJ4X3L5NPN8F&psc=1#customerReviews

Chris Sucharda says:

So ten minutes to remove bumper? What about washer novels on the bumper

Tommy J says:

dont need to do this for the bulbs only if you want to replace the whole housing

W Sears says:

Oh yeah… this is why I don't buy GM anymore… 😉


I have no idea why you went through all that, Our shop car is a 2014 SRX,(I hate it) the passenger side bulb you can get to by removing the air box with 3 screws, and the other side is tight but you can get to it by removing nothing

Rebekah Jones says:

There is an access port on the driver side…I actually just saw below where it was mentioned, my bad lol!

NSPirate12 says:

What asshole designs a vehicle that you must take the whole front end off and the housing out to change a freaking light bulb?

Jami Shofner says:

If you only need to access the low beam bulb (upper bulb) you don't need to remove the whole bumper cover and headlight assembly. You can simply remove the air filter housing on the passenger side and reach the bulb from inside the engine compartment there and/or remove the fuse box cover on the driver side to get to the one on that side. Driver side is a little tougher, but it's doable and a lot quicker and easier than pulling off the bumper cover.

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