⭐ 2003 Cadillac Escalade – How To Replace The A/C (Air Conditioning) Compressor

⭐ 2003 Cadillac Escalade – How To Replace The A/C (Air Conditioning) Compressor

Video on how to replace the air conditioning (a/c) compressor on a 2003 cadillac escalade. If our video(s) have helped you repair your vehicle, consider making a small donation to Astral Auto Repairs!

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Sandman’s Gardens says:

On the wire harness that goes to the ac compressor I have 2 connectors and one isn’t connected and I can’t find where it goes. Any idea?

Joshua Sherwood says:

I just finish replacing the AC compressor in a 2003 Cadillac Escalade and after recharging the system and making sure that there were no leaks the car wasn't blowing cold air still what could be the cause of this

dagoberto bobadilla says:

i do this and right now my car do not start..you have any idea why????

Kenneth McRoy says:

How much does a job like this one cost?

puyiting says:

Great video! Thanks for posting

Luis Valdez says:

Great job! I watched your video because im about to do this. Really enjoyed watching it and I think it'll be very helpful for Me. Thank you!

Brandon Hudson says:

Looks like I’ll be doing this on my ‘04 Escalade

Fern D says:

People like yourself are one in a million. Thank You Coach. You done it again.

Fern D says:

You are incredibly patient. Thank you for all the how-to videos. This isn't the first time I've come to your YouTube channel for help.

Fern D says:

Just wanted to say "thanks"! I really enjoy your videos. Tim, you ARE the man. You do everything step by step and after watching the video a few times, we can get this job done and save about $900. Thanks for going through the tools and socket sizes. Thank you for helping out. This is like getting a Master Mechanic's help for free. Thanks Coach Tim.

kenneth gazella says:

Do you think it's possible to replace it without taking off the coolant hoses

K D D says:

Thanks for the video! Quick question, I just removed the old compressor and noticed the new one looks exactly like it except for it only has one electrical connection and the old one has 2. Is this common? Thanks!

LUIS ALEJANDRO Jorquera says:

Vary Good job

Steve Sotelo says:

Thanks for the video. I bought an a/c kit and replaced all O rings, condenser, compressor and orifice tube. I took it and got it evaporated and recharged. After that everything worked great for about 2 to 3 months, then I heard a loud bang and it seems the compressor bearings or clutch has broke. Any ideas what I did wrong? The compressor came pre filled with oil, but did come with an extra bottle of pag oil. Was I supposed to add extra oil or something? Or did I just get a bad compressor? Thanks for any help

Californiano El marichi says:

Hey bro you have very good tools

Roberto Mata says:

I'll be changing the AC compressor on my 2004 Escalade soon thanx to your video I am confident I can do the job. The most impressive part of the video is that you did a lot of the job with just one hand. But what I was blown away by was that you never swore. You have a lot of patience man. Good job!

loveto livetruely says:

I feel you when you said it's a stupid set up, especially when it comes to that bottom bolt on the compressor with almost zero clearance that makes the job a pain in the ass to put the compressor back in.

loveto livetruely says:

I have a question. Are you supposed to put the been orings on the end s of each line. To and from the compressor, the evaporator, condenser and accumulator as well?…. The lines come with a metal oring with a black rubber center. We keep getting there's a leak because we can't get it to vacuum.

Iseekoutthetruth says:

I know nothing about working on AC's.

Jeff Preston says:

Do I hear the outgasing of r134a? Nice….beware of tree hugging.

Todd Williams says:

Changing out my wifes ac compressor on her 03 escalade tomorrow i was unsure about the free on but tganks thanks ti your video im no longer worried about it great details and video thank you

Boosted89GT says:

I've replaced compressors on my 2000 Silverado and 2001 Tahoe. You don't have to break hoses a loose to get out compressor from top. A little tricky but can be done and you won't have to be laying in antifreeze to remove bottom 2 bolts.

Hector Guevara says:

Do you know the part number

Chris Umana says:

Might be a weird question. But I have a 05 chevy Tahoe, I have a 05 escalade compressor available. Will it fit on the Tahoe?

Gene Davis says:

Good job man, gonna do this soon, thank for the video!

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