Part 2- Replacing Old Fashion Front End with Fat Man Front End Kit

Part 2- Replacing Old Fashion Front End with Fat Man Front End Kit

Horsepower Hosts Joe Elmore and Chuck Hanson replace a ’39 Buick street rod front end.

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@garyroach3479 says:

Damn just remind me u don't have a clue on what ur doing

@allanmoulton3745 says:

that was a good accurate check. Lol.

@billstreber5194 says:

These two guys were the best. Rest in peace, Joe

@richroeder2541 says:

God bless you Joe Elmore!!

@ezianc says:

This is one time I'm grateful for social media and YouTube. Between this guy and Stacey David, I can relive my childhood

@neilpuckett359 says:

I just found out Joe Elmore passed, R.I.P..

@kjamison5951 says:

Welding close to that blue car. The spatter could damage the paint job.

@danven1256 says:

It's been years since I last did that kind of thing but as soon as he started welding that smell rushed back into my mind.

@ryand4168 says:

That was one of the fakest measurements I’ve ever seen

@user-io1ej1pw5l says:

Great show .

@lucyyun7340 says:

I am so picky I would have cut the frame differently.I would have used gauges on a bench measuring system to measure height and length. He's close, though.

@trojanyacht2518 says:

Well spent life and time under the sun. Joe made the world a better place, and influenced the lives of many a young man towards trades, car culture, and how to be a man. Much respect and honor to JOE, his memory, and his family.

@rogerfenton5210 says:

When welding should you not protect the car next to it

@jims2286 says:

Joe Sorry you died to young but now you are in paradise!!!

@djbryanladd says:

RIP Joe, thank you for hours of quality content and advice.

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