On3 Single Turbo 07 BMW N54 335i Install DIY

On3 Single Turbo 07 BMW N54 335i Install DIY

I go over the install of the On 3 Performance single turbo kit. There are many details I share in this video I suggest you watch it thoroughly.

* Also be sure to heat wrap your oil drain line near the turbo!!

If you need to see how I relocated the coolant reservoir and power steering can watch this video first

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Joonas Einola says:

I appreciate your in depth content! You deserve more subs!

Daniel Vazquez says:

Be ready for that windshield wiper reservoir to be melted man..!!! Mine already did. Also the A/C sensor plug an wires got melted as well as the abs ones… just a reminder of what you are going to go through. Nice video, enjoy your car bro!

Boosted Media says:

Cant wait for an update on this!

S4RnR says:

Great video, I bought the same kit but im currently waiting on the downpipe and wastegate dump to start the install. This video was perfectly timed. Subbed.

Kenny b says:

Looks great! Im thinking this is the only option for me to finally get rid of wastegate rattle. Im not chasing huge numbers but Ive already installed hybrids 20K miles ago and Im hearing rattle already. Its driving me crazy. It really makes me hate my car. The hybrids supposedly had upgraded wastegates pfft !!! Im told that all Twin Turbo setups will rattle eventually but I wasn't expecting it after 20k miles !!

Noah Kelley says:

Great video as always. Hopefully in a couple of months I’ll be fabbing up my own “budget” single turbo kit using the stock turbo manifolds

orlando perez says:

your an amazing tech, so thorough, yet you bring it down to laymen terms.

ovfuscation says:

i have the same kit on my car, use to run the same turbo as well and the drain was sucha bitch. i got it at true 6oclock but had to make a custom drain. also you'll need to put some type of heat management(3/4 heat wrap for tubing) on the top side of the drain because if not it'll melt no matter wat, since its so close to the hot side no matter how u clock it. the 6266 no longer has this issue .

C V says:

Awesome, I'm currently doing the same thing but my problem is that the oil drain hits the v band and I can't get it to clock correctly.

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