M3 Style Mirror Covers For Your E9X Pre LCI BMW! DIY Install & Review

M3 Style Mirror Covers For Your E9X Pre LCI BMW!  DIY Install & Review

In this video I install a set of M3 style mirror caps on my pre lci E90 BMW 335i. I’ve done a bunch of face lifts on this car. I bought these out of necessity but am pleasantly surprised with the outcome now.

If you’d like to purchase a set (affiliate):


If you want a set for LCI cars (affiliate):


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Miguel Alejandro says:

Thanks for all you DIY they are very helpfull.

My 335i aut has a whining noise in the transmission in neutro and parking. When you put it in Drive or reverse it stops. It was sliping from 5-6 and then 1-2 any idea what might be ?

I'am thinking doing a fluid and filter change aswell as the solenoids.

MFA1999 says:

do they have any for lci models i have an e90 2011

Nate says:

It was the Gf/Wife who damaged it right?? I just put my GF on my insurance on my 335I and when she came home calling me I was like fuck, only for her to ask how was her parking lol

Tra _vis says:

Get some wipenew on your black plastic it really renews the exterior look

karol k. says:

I buy original m3 mirrors to my 335i e93 and im very pleased because they have a much larger glass surface

Gary VanRemortel says:

What's the delta in Cd after this mod?

Ossie Oz says:

This car is slowly but surely turning into a F30.. ♥️

Redi Hoxhaj says:

I've got a 2007 328i but the amazon link says it wont fit. Eventhough the item description says fit for e90 too.Will it fit anyway?

Macht Schnell says:

Given the choice, might as well do aftermarket.

Joel Rolley says:

Who cares if others have done it, we trust YOU! So your review is just as important as the DIY portion. Great video!

SnowSlide91 says:

Another video where your windshield looks as if it is cracked or something, but I really doubt this is the case. What do you have on it?
Cheers, and keep up the content, you are amazing, dude!

Tomek Szostak says:

Do the test of sound and rain

Ardi x says:

Wind noise at high speed has changed?

Harris J says:

Great video as always I like the mirror caps they look much better on than the Amazon ad .

Chris P says:

Hey Vehicular what parts should I change to do preventive maintenance on my timing chains? should I change any sockets or just the chains? my n54 has 230k miles

Joel Juguilon says:

Looks dope!!!

Juan Gouveia says:

what i dont like, is the spike, doesnt line up with the base of the mirror

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