In this video, I’ll share How To SAVE Money On BMW REPAIRS!

Here Are My BMW DIYs! 👉🏻⬇️
BMW N54 Fuel Injectors DIY:
How To Replace Your BMW Battery!:
BMW N54 Valve Cover Gasket:
How To Charge Your BMW Battery:
BMW N54 ARM Motorsports FMIC Install:
BMW N54 MHD JB4 Backend Flash:
BMW N54 Spark Plug & Coil Replacement DIY:
BMW Musky Air Smell Fix:
BMW Washer Fluid Leak Fix:
BMW Engine Bay Detailing:
Burger Tuning Cowl Filters:
How To Reset BMW Dash Codes:
How To Bleed Your BMW Coolant:
Burger Tuning Exhaust Tips Install:
BMW N54 Oil Catch Can Install:
How To Paint Your Chrome BMW Window Trim:
JB4 Firmware Update How To:
BMW N54 Oil Change Full Process:
BMW Tow Hook License Plate Install:
BMW O2 Sensor Change:
BMW Front LED Turn Signal Install:
BMW Front Bumper Splitters Install:
BMW N54 Oil Change:
BMW Power Steering Fluid Change:
BMW N54 Vacuum Hose:
BMW Hood Strut Change:
BMW N54 Oil Catch Can Change:
BMW N54 Burger Tuning DCI:
BMW Cabin Filter Replacement:
BMW Blower Motor Recall Check:
BMW Fuel System Cleaner:
BMW Steering Wheel Trim:
BMW Wiper Blades:
BMW Trunk Struts Replacement:
BMW Vanos Solenoids:
BMW Leather Seat Detailing:
BMW N54 Spark Plug Install:
BMW N54 Coil Pack Install:
BMW Engine Bay Detailing:
BMW Key Hole Spray Painting:
BMW Burger Tuning DCI Cleaning:

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Jeff Baker says:

Rear deck behind the rear passenger seats, cat used mine as a scratching post… brake fluid flush, lpfp hpfp replacement, fuel line replacement, serpentine belt replacement some folks have these but yours are more straight to the point and easier to watch..

Nosgoth of Kain says:

3 days of useless videos

Paul Ewing says:

Would love to see an Oil Pan Gasket DIY. There aren’t many out there on YouTube. Also there are plenty of shocks and struts videos. How about the other suspension parts like control arms and bushings? Selfishly I have both these on my to do list. Keep up the great work!

Demetrius greenhouse says:

Dude, talk about the ccv valve, a.k.a. the oil separator. Mine went out on my 325i (E90) and i thought a head gasket blew. Under load it would suck oil from the crankcase up into the intake manifold. Now the engine is trying to burn oil and gas which causes a TON of smoke to come out the exhaust.

I couldn't find anything on an E90 that would show the symptoms I had. Anyways that was my nightmare. $860 later and I'm back on the road to fix the next problem.

Christopher Correa says:

So I just completed the valve cover and gasket job. My car idled fine (10mins), but shortly after taking it out for test drive (no aggressive driving) engine malfunctioned and reduced power message came on. I need help diagnosing this. (P0015 b cam shaft timing over retarded bank one). I cleaned both VANOS “temp fix” and replaced both camshaft sensors near VANOS and it’s still idling rough (no misfire codes). Should my next step be both VANOS?

Victa Nguyen says:

before I bought my n54 I hoarded fbo parts for months once I got the car I went fbo and haven't had a problem with my car for 2 years

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