How to Fix BMW E36 Outside Door Handle At NO Cost ($0)

How to Fix BMW E36 Outside Door Handle At NO Cost ($0)

I fix my 1997 BMW 328is Coupe outside door handle for free. Watch how I do it.

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Jessica says:

what piece is that?

Dan Mitchell says:

You will find the problem is being caused by the door being out of line, over time the weight of the door causes it to drop at the latch end loosen the hinge bolts then jack it up a little and retighten then this issue dissapears

Philip Cooper says:

Rule no.1 of owning a 20+ years old car: Keep things clean and lubricated.

Terry Ko says:

thats NOT how you remove the outter door trim…

Philip Nguyen says:

On the new replacement handles a bushing can be seen on the link to the locking mechanism which was your first thought where you packed it. It appears to be a clear plastic bushing.
Perhaps when you reinstalled it, it moved the mechanism closer to the rod allowing it to disengage.

GabrielKicks23 says:

Amazing fix up , is it still working since you last fixed it

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