DIY Camber Plates Install on a BMW M2, M3, M4 (F80, F82, F83, F87) and more!

DIY Camber Plates Install on a BMW M2, M3, M4 (F80, F82, F83, F87) and more!

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Ethan Kim says:

Hey Tommy, what camber plates are they? Are the Ground Control? I also have MP HAS kit like you and GC plates ask you yo choose the spring diameter but dont know what option i should go for with MP HAS kit…

Mud Bath says:

Just curious what impact wrench do you use?

Double Tap says:

Tommy, every time you adjust your camber, do you need to adjust toe as well?

axn3379 says:

Tommy thanks for the video. Could you post your track tested alignment spec that you are happy with after the camber plates?

Tan Voi says:

Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan.

gixxerhoff 750 says:

How about a short video on how to adjust the camber….?

Javier Gomez says:

Did you notice any noise or reduced ride quality after install?

R00567 says:

Beard game : Expert. Love the BMW bro.

Stanislav Kovtun says:

What were your final track day maximum negative camber values with these? Thx

Ethan Kim says:

Hey Tommy. Would you please post a video showing the instruction how to put lowered F80 on jack stands all four corners? I also have esco jack stand and also running MP HAS kit. I use ramp to put front on stands, but have no clearance to jack the rear as i have aggressive diffuser (Vorsteiner GTS-V).


gixxerhoff 750 says:

Tommy, how much did your plates increase NVH? I want these but daily my car 60-70 miles a day….

Scanner Expert says:

Love you video,great

Deon Li says:

I see you signed up for the Schattenbaum track day in November. I just signed up myself.

Rick Potter says:

I just installed Future Classic spacers. After having the vehicle aligned, there is a significant drift to the right. Would I benefit from a upgrade like this to really dial in the toe/camber in the front? Or is my alignment shop doing something wrong?

Dreday2000 says:

Thanks for the review Tommy, I had a shop do mine and align it at the same time. What did you align your fronts and rear to?

yang zhao says:

Will you make videos on your cf intake?

Michael Polissky Productions says:

Looks great Tommy, wonder if this mod increases the tire wear!

steve sutandinata says:

>_< why the camber

Justin Baker says:

My problem is too much camber and eating the inner side of my front tires. Wheel alignment has been done twice. Greta video as always.

CaptainFast says:

You need Hyde's Serum Rust Stopper… It will eliminate almost all rust from rotors after a wash specially if used with brake buster by P&S. That's my formula for my F82 and it's magical.

Mr. Hellcat says:

The V6 Challenger creeped in the back at the end had cracked me up. Love the M3 man, keep up the good work.

zyzlol says:

how many hours of labor do shops charge for this normally? 2 hr DIY seems pretty good

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