Change This On Your BMW Before Its Too Late! DIY Install

Change This On Your BMW Before Its Too Late!  DIY Install

In this video I show you how to replace a very common and often forgotten coolant fitting on your N series BMW engine. This procedure would be similar on all N5X series 6 cylinder engines and N2X 4 cylinder engines.

This would most certainly leave you on the side of the road if it fails. The factory pieces is made out of plastic and the upgraded piece I install is made out of aluminum and will not fail in the future.

You can purchase the fitting here (affiliate):

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John Vahos says:

This has been replaced on mine. I can tell because of the hose clamp… Hopefully it’s the metal one.

Slowgan says:

Always making me buy stuff lol

jtpabst says:

I have a small coolant leak on my n54…any ideas on other common leaks? I havent checked anything yet, but i plan to do a refresh soon

fastboatster says:

+1, my broke a while ago. Similar part is available from Rein I believe and available in Oreillys. If yours broke and you need one ASAP you can get it there. Bought mine there when I needed it ASAP

Firas Alwakeel says:

This is just for N54 engine or N52 too? Thanks as always!

Adam Humble says:

lol. I had a ghost coolant leak for a month or two until I discovered this part a couple years ago.

Nico Dreessen says:

Thanks for the great tip. I got our n54 yesterday(e93 2009) and it's only on 50k miles. So maybe I can wait some time before changing this part. Dutch regards, Nico.

Altin K says:

lol that happened to me last year while i was changing the the oil housing gasket and the cooler housing gaskets because i had to remove the hose and it came apart the same way lol

Ken XU says:

I just did it two weeks ago while I’m doing my OFHG, yours doesn’t look as bad as mine and mine only got 135k on it

Luis says:

I replaced this when I did a mishimoto oil cooler retro fit setup on my 2007 335i, it’s a super easy job it takes 5 minutes

jbatacan2 says:

Just a heads up, ECS tunings ultimate cooling kit comes with this part ( at least for the 535I kit ). On top of upgrading nearly every weak point of the cooling system ( aluminum drain plugs, aluminized water pump hose, silicon rad hoses etc). hell of a deal for under 600 considering it also takes care of the maintenance pieces as well. I just finished this kit and its very thorough.

Yezzus Aguilar says:

1000% changed this, it’s a super easy job and super cheap. Mine actually went out while I was driving normal.

Michael Jonathan says:

This works for N55 as well?

aggieE46 says:

Mine broke while installing my inlets a few weeks ago. Did the ECS piece with the silicone hose. Appreciate all your videos.

veritas17 says:

It's funny, this was literally one of the first things I bought for my car two years ago.

Now I'm chasing down a coolant leak from my upgraded twins… weeee.

coldfear19 says:

This happened for me after owning the car for around 4 months. I imediatelly turned off the car and had it towed to indie. They replaced that part and hose.

Macht Schnell says:

A must do replacement.

A perfect time to block-off the non-functioning CAI ducting.

Ferdinand Adelhoefer says:

Exactly this plastic shit broke on my N52

Her Legz says:

I refreshed hoses last year and doing this felt so good. that one spot was starting to give a little tiny leak. But I also had little leaks in a few places, radiator, DCT cooler hose. Many hoses and o-rings to deal with every 100k or so.

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