BMW N20 and N26 Oil Filter Housing Gasket Replacement DIY (BMW F30 328i, X5, Z4, & More)

BMW N20 and N26 Oil Filter Housing Gasket Replacement DIY (BMW F30 328i, X5, Z4, & More)

►A BMW oil filter housing leak is one of the most asked about DIYs that we get when it comes to BMW. Going all the way back to the BMW E36 and E46, a leaky engine oil filter housing has been widespread and continues to be on cars like the BMW F30 with the N20 and N26 engines. Over time, the oil filter housing gasket on these BMW engines dries up, becomes brittle, and shrinks just enough to allow oil to leak through. To access this gasket, it’s a fairly involved job that requires the intake manifold to be removed. Because of that, this DIY also covers how to replace the BMW N20 and N26 intake manifold gasket. Follow along as Gareth Foley, FCP Euro’s BMW Catalog Manager takes us through the entire step-by-step process of removing this BMW F30’s intake manifold and oil filter housing to replace the gaskets on each. If you would like to learn more about the BMW F30 and the N20 and N26 engine, visit our BMW F30 hub at or read more on our blog at

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00:00 – Intro
01:20 – Tools Needed
02:25 – Job Start
06:00 – DME Removal
09:07 – Charge Pipe Removal
10:10 – Intake Manifold Removal
12:29 – Coolant Drain
14:15 – Oil Filter Housing Removal
17:36 – Gasket Change
23:32 – Housing Reinstall
28:26 – Intake Manifold Reinstall
30:14 – Charge Pipe Reinstall
32:15 – DME Reinstall
35:26 – Intake Reinstall
36:30 – Coolant Refill and Bleed
39:44 – Wrap-Up


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jhncvngh says:

I have no intentions of ever owning an N20 and I just watched this whole video. If that's not a testament to Gareth's abilities, I don't know what is.

Brian Nguyen says:

I love these DIYs! Keep it up! I do like to see if you can find B48/B58 engines in need of replacing the oil housing gaskets. The B48/B58 engines oil housing is in the back of the engine bay and made of plastic!!

Ryan Reich says:

do the 328d…. I need to do mine I think…

Sarasota beach boys says:

Can you do a coolant resovir expansion tank replacement

david barlow says:

Good job. Is it a coolant leak or an oil leak usually

James Broome says:

You do a good job and even though I have a n52 engine I watch most of what you put out that's BMW related because they all kind of relate to each other in one way or another. The only thing you have entirely too many commercials but I mean it is what it is thank you have a great week

Parth Dinubhai says:

Thank you 1st person will be very helpful

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