BMW F30 Front view Camera DIY Retrofit Install

BMW F30 Front view Camera DIY Retrofit Install

Note: Please see my new videos where I installed the camera module and the rearview backup camera: and

In this video I installed a front view camera module for my BMW F30 2012 3 series and did all the wiring required to route the cable from the FEM module at the passenger side all the way to the front grill:
– Link to iDrive NBT retrofit video (Nav, DVD):
– Link to Reverse camera installation and wiring and camera module installation with NBT unit

Link to camera set on eBay (front camera not included by default):
Works for other models as well (F1x, F2x, F3x, etc.)

Sorry I don’t do fitting on others’ cars.

No need for 3AG option and do VO coding.

This job requires the following:

– Remove dashboard
– Remove NBT HUto install the camera module
– Install camera module
– Remove interior trim on side door passenger side to reveal the FEM module
– Route a wire from inside the car to the front side under the bonnet all the way to the front grill

Needed for the job:
– Trim removal tool
– Cloth tape for the loom
– Camera module
– Front view camera
– T20 screwdriver
– BMW Car 🙂



Gaming for fun says:

how much is the front camera?!
and can i have a link to it pls

Yordan Karadzhov says:

How do you access the front camera, do you have shortcuts from the idrive knob or menu to view the front camera?

casperYtube says:

Excellent, thank you. Please add more F30 DIY video

Another Individual says:

Did you unplug the wires and twist them and put them both
Back In?

Another Individual says:

Why did you not show the most important part of wiring the power and ground ?

juan jose osorio martinez says:

It's the same for an E90?

meteora8888 says:

Do you need the interface if you already have surround view?

Ali Ramjaun says:

Can power not be taken from the front fuse box using a tap fuse connector? This will not require any wire cutting etc.

Nicolae Mamaliga says:

Hi, where can I get the camera in front of the BMW F30 at my car has the factory

BMW Navigation System Harman GPS Nbt ?

ZannaAlb says:

Where did you get this technical document? ( pin scheme)

gotravel says:

Nice and very informative. Did you find a solution to your issue where the front camera is not switching automatically? I bought the same kit and the front camera. Planning to do the install in couple of days 🙂 only difference is that I have an automatic.

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