BMW E70 X5 Air Suspension Repair | DIY Bag Replacement

BMW E70 X5 Air Suspension Repair | DIY Bag Replacement

BMW E70 X5 Air Suspension Repair | DIY Bag Replacement

After discovering the rear corner of the BMW E70 X5 lower on one side than the other, it was time to take action. Research suggested a worn out airbag so I proceeded to purchase a new set and am sharing the complete very detailed step by step procedure for installing new self levelling suspension air components. I include tools that are needed and talk about the safety required for this installation.

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Yanni Yanni says:

Man u the best

Djently Funkt says:

I really appreciate this video. When my rear left air spring died I didn't know anything, so I paid $550 to have it done at a shop. After watching this video, I was able to buy the replacement air spring for $100 and do it myself in about 2 hours. Very helpful video.

Udo Donotron says:

Mine JUST started sagging on both sides last night and I got the levelling fault on the screen.
I would assume this would be more of a compressor valve block issue vs a bag issue if they are both sagging?
Total drag as someone is supposed to be buying it this weekend!

Ken pira says:

Y didn't u add springs instead..?? That's what I did.. no more bags..

Sara Fatayerji says:

This for your reply , well I Jackie it from one side , maybe this is the problem , should I jack it from both side ?

Sara Fatayerji says:

In your video , it look so easy to remove the bag from the chamber , where in my case I couldn't do it .
Is there something missing I have to do it ?

Sara Fatayerji says:

I dismantle it from it's location but the area is too tight I cannot remove it outside . Do you figure a solution ?

jawan21 says:

Great Job. Thank you.

Scott Sackett says:

Hello, great video but I couldn't really see, when inserting the new suspension airbag into the upper and lower brackets, do you have to turn it to lock it in place or does it lock in place automatically when you push it into the holes?

Brandon Crick says:

fantastic helpful video thank you

Aryana Holubetz says:

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Aryana Holubetz says:

I'm aryana

jim dandy says:

Wow, that was MUCH easier than I expected, so they have their own grooves and they turn and lock into place, certainly easier than messing with old and rusted bolts like a typical shock

You know I will be 62 in December and having said that I cant tell you how many brake jobs I have done in my 20's as I worked at a station/garage when people used compressed air to blow off any brake dust while doing a brake job and also drum brakes were still popular so when the drum would be pulled off the brake dust just stayed there as opposed to disc where the majority of the dust gets blown off. Now when people do a brake job they spray, put a barrel underneath, etc. How times have changed and yes in this case for the better, not sure if they still use asbestos for shoes and pads?
I am sure you saved yourself a decent amount of $$$$$ considering the skill needed to do it

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