BMW E46 Power Window Motor Replacement DIY

BMW E46 Power Window Motor Replacement DIY

In this video I show you how to replace the power window motor on a BMW E46 3 Series. IN THIS VIDEO I DO NOT CHANGE THE REGULATOR, JUST THE MOTOR.


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Michael Williams says:

@9:28 I know that feeling brother, lol. One shot, one kill. You diagnosed and solved my passenger window's problem. Anyone know what a window going up slowly is a symptom of? Thanks.

Ken Todd says:

thanks mate.

Tim O'Brien says:

Three times in one car!!! I think you should try another brand

Diablo 666 says:

Shit yeah! Great video thanks man!!

Lincoln Riddle says:

That sound is awful lol

hadi says:

Do you think the process is the same for an E39? Great video either way Michael

Ben James says:

The dance at the end is what this video is really about, throw those shapes Mikey!

Ben James says:

Firstly get some sleep, or at least get the binmen to visit your eyes this week! Secondly "Shit out" had me crying right off the bat! lmao

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