BMW E46 How To Replace a Fender

BMW E46 How To Replace a Fender

Milwaukee 2457-20 3/8″ Ratchet Only:

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baba3styler says:

My E46 04 too have a bad alignment too where the fender will be higher than the hood in the middle section. Changed 3 different hoods and 1 fender, still the bad alignment stays the same xD

MoB says:

theres no way u were born in the 50s

duncanmil1 says:

When it was new that would have worked.. but after as many years, well it's all hand made!!

Lach says:

Locks on the bottom of the hood have adjustments for vertical alignment. Adjusting the locks and the bump stops located on the rad support allow you to perfectly align the hood to the fenders. 

Be careful as adjusting the bump stop(s) too high without adjusting the lock(s) to that height will apply  pressure on the latch and if the hood release cable is badly rusted it could snap when unlatching the hood. 


Mcgyver B says:

Good job mr 50s.

joe G says:

50skid sell me that fender…. comment back

Igor Orlov says:

Hi Kid, this is your furst video I don’t like to watch, looks like you watch some YouTube and try to make something, and go to replace or pull front right of the hood with hook and strap and pound those line, your can noticed close to the middle with something flat together with pulling and then patch it, that can be a nice next video!)

Juan Machado says:

Yo, you really should feather out that primer on the hood more. Your gonna see that repair after you paint. Especially with it being black

MrBarryaird says:

What ratchet gun you using mate ? Great video as always !

Niamh Healy says:

At least you tried Jason 🙂 I'm not sure if it makes any difference to the hood alignment issue you're having but you're missing the rubber cushion just above the headlight. If you have the one for the other side maybe swap it and see if it makes a difference.

Vermont Dancer says:

It would be cool if after the Black Savage project you could somehow work and an M3 S54 Engine. After seeing all your videos on the E46 M54 it would be great to see the differences between each build. Your detailed explanations, great camera angles and awesome lighting makes it a great learning experience for E46 owners.

Dave Wells says:

Bumper rubber missing pal

busta nut says:

50skid your missing the rubber bumper to bring the hood up on that side

Nathan's DIY Garage says:

Must be nice to work outside and not have your camera freeze up after 5 min lol

Adamdickieson says:

your vids always give me motivation to do jobs on my e46

Rob Brown says:

You mentioned the alignment levelness? with the hood. However I can see you have missing the adjustable rubber bump stop for the hood on the cross member. If that was there that would bring the hood up slightly and be level.. Wouldn't it? Great video as always.

Dicer328 says:

Good video as always.
Those lenses need to be wet sanded to 800, cleared, and then wet sanded all the way to 5000 grit. Will make the car look ten times better.

The Avery Project says:

nice lol my fenders are the next parts to get stripped down and reprimed keep up the good work

Stephen Hartley Brundrett says:

I had to take the wheel liner off to do mine, easy job tho

Mike H says:

what are you going to do once everything is fixed? Gonna start modding it?

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