BMW E36 Rear Trailing Arm Bushing Replacement and DIY Tool

BMW E36 Rear Trailing Arm Bushing Replacement and DIY Tool

Make your own tool to remove and install OEM Rear Trailing Arm Bushings on a 1998 BMW 328i (E36). Plans for the tool are included at the end. Quick and easy, best way to remove and install. Comments are welcome. Thanks for watching.



ApaX1981 says:

You have to be careful not to damage the bushing. Notice that you press against the center hole for the first 4 mm. This puts the rubber under quite a bit of stress (not needed).

Eish R says:

Do you still have the tool? I would like to buy/rent it


Very well communicated video. Straight to the point & insightful. Thank you!!

Robert Commodore says:

hi marty. well I used all hand tools on my bushing and still the tool Bend'ent, it looks like the best way to go. is to build off of Your plans for the Tool .and it looks very strong To  Thanks again Marty.peace

Robert Commodore says:

hi marty, well I bought that schwaben tool from ECS  .A BIG PIECE OF Garbage it Bend'ent on the first bushing .got all bushings Out And IN ,BUT The Tool IS GARBAGE Now .A Waste OF MONEY, if any one is looking for this tool from schwaben DO NOT BUY IT.Look For a Different One Out There, ok Marty thank you

Robert Commodore says:

hi marty , great video .I would love to make this tool but I don't have any welding Equipment. can you make me one ?  and if so. how much??  .please let me no Thank you . my E mail is ,

CF Ck says:

Thanks for innovative idea.

TheSponge says:

Is your horizontal piece also tapped or just a hole through it to fit the 3/8 thread rod?

Bostongreenm3 says:

nice tool, i'm going to attempt to make the same!

Thomas Miata says:

very informative 🙂

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