VW Audi wet carpets leaking problem solved VW Golf Mk5 DIY fix

VW Audi wet carpets leaking problem solved VW Golf Mk5 DIY fix

VW GOLF Mk5 How to fix the leak, the wet floor and soaking carpets on the drivers side of GOLF/AUDI. DIY project to solve the problem of smelly wet carpets. It’s not easy but can be done! Remove wipers, remove seat, remove carpet…



King Lonne says:

Honestly glad this video is available to watch; I have had the same problem and now have an idea of where to check.

Thank you!

Ray Titselaar says:

is this car come from the junkyard so fucking dirty.

Samsudin Samke says:

Beautifully explained

t5jerry says:

I know you have rectified your problem, however, a simpler remedy is available if you have a similar problem in the future, hire a dehumidifier for 24 hours, retrorrestore, also on YouTube, had a vauxhall with a wet interior, the dehumidifier did a lovely job……

emigrate says:

ecellent job, wsh I had seen this before I stripped the center console, accelerator pedal, rear seats, front seats, haveing to discoonect thier looms, sill panels. a nine hour job. few broken clips, and hwving to wait 3 days to dry the carpet and under felt out. They putting it back in I thought I wish I wish I wish……

Jackson says:

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