How to replace the door lock actuator in an Audi A4 B8

How to replace the door lock actuator in an Audi A4 B8

How to replace the door lock actuator in an Audi A4 B8



Kimmy Liu says:

Hi, thank you for the video. My b8 a4 has the same issue so I brought it to a shop to repair it. However, I believe the mechanics did not put the door back correctly that I cannot use my emergency key to physically lock/unlock my door now. He must have forgotten something. Do you know what he forgot to do during the assembly? Thanks!

Ron Hancock says:

Many thanks for this video A5 very similar.

Karim says:

where are you buy your lock door please ?

miles fendell says:

I know I don’t want to be mr negative but the bolt that releases the lock cylinder should only be turned 13 times

Andy Birch says:

Spot on, didn't have to move the bar you can wiggle it out and i have big hands myself. Only thing to add when you put the lock back in make sure the white plastic is seated correctly to the door or it wont push back in. Saved me a fortune and rear door is very similar.

Frank Nutt says:

Great Video, my 2010 has exactly the same problem. Your video will be a great help when I tackle it. Thank you.

mariomariano abidi says:

Easy job if you have right tools…Thank you job done in 45 min.

Gucci Hughes says:

Massively grateful for this vid, my central locking is doing my head in! Such a bloody pain

CimonProductions says:

You're my hero

Matt Cartmill says:

Where did you buy your part from?

jerseymelo says:

happening to me now bruv! but its my rear door passenger & Ive got to unlock the driver door with key not fob

Jeffrey S says:

Thanks for publishing this! I'm going to try to replace the actuator on my rear passenger door soon and this is a life saver!

maquaxawte says:

That was a very hard work. You made it look simple. Good job! Congratulations

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