How to replace REAR brake pads and discs (rotors), Audi A6 C6 4F, electric parking brake

How to replace REAR brake pads and discs (rotors), Audi A6 C6 4F, electric parking brake

Here’s the link to video showing replacement of FRONT discs and pads:

Here’s the link to WheelsAndMotors website, where you can find some more info on DIY for this car:

And here are some links to eBay pages, where you can find caliper rewind tool:

And scanner:



AusAhmet says:

Sir i have the same car. 2006 A6 3.0 tdi quattro. The car shakes when its in D and R. When its in P and N shaking stops immedialty. What do you think?

Verb Noun Number says:

good video fam, thanks

Jordan Williams says:

Well done sir! I’m doing a four wheel brake job on a 2009 Audi A6 shortly. Appreciate your insights and great work!

Ian Dennis says:

Very good video. I will probably be ordering the scanning tool. My question is, do you have a video showing how to change the front upper suspension arms, I am told they are very difficult to do, but I can't afford the garage prices and they will fail the safety test this December. Thanks in hope you can help.

Michael Wassenaar says:

Hey, I just changed my pads and rotors today on the rear. However, the brake pad light is still on in the car. Is there something I missed or I should do? Thanks for the video.

Denial1984 says:

Thank god you have a video on this. Every problem I ran into with my Audi you helped me out big time. One question the brake disk doesn't look bad at all I've to do my pads the light came on.

mBaggins says:

Hey mate, you mentioned in the video that you would explain how to rewind the caliper if you don't have a Scanner. Where in the video did you say how to do this as i cannot find it? Love you guides though as always man

Daniel Andries says:

I'm a simple guy , I see a new video from WheelsnMotor , I click like !

dreamssalou says:

What odb do you have there to rewind the ebs?

Hugh Hennessy says:

I replaced rear pads on a VW Golf Mk6 – but now there is resistance in the rear wheels when I spin them (like the brakes are grabbing a bit). I adjusted the handbrake but still they grab. Any ideas? could it be that I should have also replaced the discs too ? could the calipers be damaged ?


Hello i have a question and it is a i don't know if it's problem) my parking brake are Literally screaming like a demon

Dave Naylor says:

Alternatively when pushing the caliper piston back, you can use one of the old brake pads against the piston to push against. Saves any damage to the piston face if the retraction tool slips.

Jid islam says:

Hi, I have a audi a6 avant…I've learnt alot on what you have done with your car…and you have inspired me to work on mine. I have a YouTube as well..please visit…here's something I gave done to the audi…

maxthecaddy says:

can you use red rubber grease on the slide pins❔

affenjungeee says:

Extra plus points for reusing bolts

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