How to Replace Front Anti Roll Bar (Stabilizer) Links – Audi VW Seat Skoda – ALL MODELS (VAG)

How to Replace Front Anti Roll Bar (Stabilizer) Links – Audi VW Seat Skoda – ALL MODELS (VAG)

This video will show you how to replace the Front Anti Roll Bar Links (Stabilizer Links) on your Audi A6, S6 or RS6 (C6 4F) 2004-2011.

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156nunez says:

I did this now my car pulls to the left what i did wrong?

PooJoe says:

These brands that come with the nuts and bolts are much better.the lemforder ones that come with a pre fitted nut on top bush are a bugger to line up.

Gunnar Sommerfeldt says:

Can you just turn the wheel and do this with the car on the ground? Or does it have to be jacked up? I.e. is there any tension on the anti roll bar when the car is level on the ground?

anon says:

Nice video except for the fact that you didn't tighten the bolts by putting the suspension under load.

Lowy says:

Sorry to be a pain buddy but what size spanners are you using please? Thanks.

Alexus Williams says:

what about tightening nuts in the unladen position?

Norman Bishop says:

Should have said upper window trim on tailgate!

Norman Bishop says:

Excellent clearly explained videos thank you. Would be great to see some on C64F A6 Avant, in particular I need to remove upper window trim to try and solve a rattle in there, have previously removed lower trim to replace wiper motor.

Stewart rs4 says:

Where you guys from I might take you up on that offer to do work on my rs4

Stewart rs4 says:

Now then can you do some videos on a b7 rs4 on maintenance and brake pads nice vid by the way

ClickForLife says:

Thanks for these videos so far on the A6 C6 platform. Look forward to seeing more as there's definitely not much out there on this car regarding content!

Total Technik says:

A nice little DIY job. Nothing too complicated and no special tools needed etc. Be sure to get links that are supplied with the bolts (as covered in detail in the video) as they can be expensive on their own and should be replaced with the links. Have fun!

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