how to “replace” a REAR COOLANT FLANGE and heater hoses a4 audi 2.0t b7 fsi volkswagen

how to “replace” a REAR COOLANT FLANGE and heater hoses a4 audi 2.0t b7 fsi volkswagen


@shaunholdsworth2670 says:

Is this the cause of temp not reading over 70 degrees?

@ktyeboah says:

Do you have a shop ?

@phonkyfeel1 says:

Great video! I learned something !!

@chriscromwellmusic says:

Epc light is on and the Q5 2010, is shaking . Do you think its the flange ???

@kevinallen206 says:

If your really good. This takes about an hour and just remove the vacuum pump. Just make sure you have the right part.

@dfza4866 says:

Thanks. Amzing you never had air lock with replacing coolant

@derekraymond9557 says:

How to replace thermostat on the a3 1.2 2013 5 door

@214Oscar says:

Is that bracket or piece of metal that came off the bottom screw necessary??

@BarrioHoncho says:

can you take off intake man for better access?

@pibullsnif says:

I just changed the hoses and my leak is even worse on the bottom hose… idk what to do now

@jus10m0 says:

I have a 2.0 fsi MKV GTI and my heater exchange hides do not look anything like that…. What gives?

@rhysmusicmufc says:

Have you got part numbers? Struggling to find some hoses for mine

@17Shkurt2008Pavarsia says:

I just order the whole set they have on ECS Tuning including the Vacuum pump seal. I can't wait to change it on my Audi B7 A4. I'm sure I'm gonna be cursing a lot since it's a very tight space behind the motor.

@scumbag_sean says:

My car is a little less of a shit box thanks to you
and for that, I am eternally grateful.

@christopherjungels4661 says:

Heater core hose part numbers:
Upper Hose is Mfg Part #: 8E1819373R (Part #: 8E1819373R has been replaced with Part #: CHH0168P)
Lower hose is Mfg Part #: 8E1819371T (Part #: 8E1819371T has been replaced with Part #: CHR0651)
Heater Core Hose Grommet: Mfg Part#: 8E0819699A

@r3cklessut-525 says:

I’m trying to change my cooling sensor because the fans ain’t spinning

@spencerladd2496 says:

I'm in the process of doing that right now… However I didn't have any silicone grease as I put the heater hoses in the fire wall or the water pipe on the engine side…
However I haven't finished putting everything back together yet because I'm still waiting for the flange ..
Do you think it would be worth it to take the hose off the pipe and put some silicone grease on it…
It's in there pretty snug and should hold, but as said earlier I was just wondering if I should take it out and out some grease in it …..
I'm also afraid that if I take it off now, It might damage the seal…

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