DIY How to Replace a Wheel Bearing Brakedisc and Pads AUDI A4 B5

DIY How to Replace a Wheel Bearing Brakedisc and Pads AUDI A4 B5

How To DIY Replacing your Audi A4 b5 rear wheelbearings and brakedisc is very simple Fix just remember to use new brake pads with a new disc

you don’t need special tools the only one that is not very comme’n is a 24 size wrench and 7 HEX

You start by preparing the bearings and lay them in your freezer where they shrink in size by the cold temperature that make’s them slide in easier without any scratches!

You really need to try to prevent any scratches and dirt getting in and on the bearings

There are a few ways to replace the wheel bearing the one we are using is the old fashion way by hammering it in using good size spacers It’s not my first choose but plan A failed

we still need the ABS Ring that still on the old brake disc to be removed and placed on the new Brakedisc before your ready to install everything again

Just a Tip iff you come a cross rusted bolts make sure to use WD 40 and exstand the tool by a long pipe to be able to use more force to get it lose



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