DIY: Audi C7 Control Arms Replacement

DIY: Audi C7 Control Arms Replacement

This is our DIY on installing Upper & Lower control arms on a C7 Audi A6. This should be very similar for all C7/C7.5’s including A6’s, A7’s, S6’s, S7’s, RS6’s & RS7’s. Cars with Air Suspension will likely have some differences, but should still be close.

As always, I will update this description with links to Audizine for more details shortly. Remember, I am not a mechanic, and this is just the way I did it by myself in my garage. I’m sure there may be other ways/better tools to be used.

A word of caution: This Job requires a lot of pushing/pulling on the car while it is on jack stands, so please be extra safe and use quality jacks and insure your car is safely suspended before you start working on it. Make sure you put your wheels under your car as a fail safe in case anything goes wrong.



s says:

I want to do these. Gonna do them at the same time as coilovers and rest of the suspension components though so putting it off. Great video!

Attiq Ahmed says:

Do you have any discount codes for eurocode?

Attiq Ahmed says:

Welcome back

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