Audi vs BMW vs Mercedes, Which is Worse

Audi vs BMW vs Mercedes, Which is Worse

Audi vs BMW vs Mercedes, Which is Worse, DIY and car review with auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer. Audi, BMW, and Mercedes car review. The best luxury car, Mercedes, Audi or BMW? Which German car manufacturer makes the most reliable car, BMW or Mercedes. Are BMWs still reliable? Are Mercedes cars any good? Which car is worth buying, Mercedes, Audi or BMW? Is BMW a better bargain than Mercedes and Audi? Car Advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 52 years.

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1. Common Sense
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gas-powered-crusader says:

Toyota is worst. Honda comes next.

UrbanFarmDweller says:

There's a reason why Dealerships are referred to as Stealerships.

Siddesh Gannu says:

I bought an Audi before I started watching Scotty.

Marc Holler says:

My 2009 BMW 1 series has 70k on it and has not given me a single problem. Bought it used too. My 5 series before that also gave me absolutely zero issues. As long as you properly maintain your BMW it'll treat you very well. They are also a blast to drive. I think they have the best product.

Ninja KAT says:

Ive never had a audi prob hmmm 3 years owning my A7

Matthew Kim says:

Generally curious why the Euro cars made in europe out last American made ones.Wouldn’t the procedure be the same in the factories? Is it parts skimmed here in us?

Jay Santos says:

I know someone whos mom is a slut. Slept with other men, cheated on her husband and not a dependable person.

Her name is Mercedes.

No lie.

Kurt Muroki says:

If you buy an audi, Bmw, or Mercedes, as they get older, keep informed as to what goes wrong by scouring the web. It’s fine to buy, just know generally what goes wrong over time. Plan the age at which you will sell or repair. Repairing is still cheaper than buying new. Also change the oil every 3000 miles and fluid at least twice as often as recommended on any of these cars. Don’t use the auto start stop.

512 TXS says:

I would say that Scotty is generally correct here. German cars are absolutely the ultimate driving machine and very fun. If your goal is to have a virtually maintenance free and reliability vehicle, get a Lexus. I’ve had better luck with older German cars that don’t have as many computer requirements. Newer ones can be a nightmare to work on from my experience.

samuel morley says:

@ 5:17 priceless lol

Darion Fox says:

Best way to buy one of those rolling piles of junk buy a Lexus

Darion Fox says:

That’s like a race to the bottom German cars suck

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